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October 7, 2017

Welcome to Inside the Studio!

Las Vegas

Although the massive tragedy in Las Vegas is almost a week old, it is still very fresh in the minds and hearts of Americans, Canadians, and other countries from which people were attending the festival.

It more urgently underscores the need to get the word out quickly and as often as possible to as many people as possible. We truly never know when our lives will be required of us, and our families, friends, co-workers … everyone needs to hear that God loves them and has sent Jesus Christ to offer forgiveness, grace, and life to all who call upon Him by grace through faith.

As we opened the Basic Gospel program on Monday, we had this to say…

Hard Passage

On the Basic Gospel daily program, we recently worked though many of the most difficult to understand passages. Those that leave even well-studied Christians with a puzzled look on their faces … and others with a cold chill down the spine.

Let’s turn to Bob Christopher to find out what hard passage we will consider today.

Church Discipline

Richard Peifer responds to a question from Kristin concerning discipline within the church.

Thank you for stopping by this weekend. I hope you have a blessed and uneventful week upcoming.

Bob Davis