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September 17, 2016

Welcome, everybody! As we always do, we have a very interesting line-up of calls to share with you this weekend.

Our listeners cover subjects like the person who gives outward appearances of having become a believer, only to return to his or her old, lost lifestyle; the believer who maintains that he or she is just an old sinner, saved by grace; the hinderance of our prayers; and the anguished depression of addiction.

We hope our answers have found a place in the hearts and lives of those who called or wrote to us, and to the many who listened on the air or online. I hope they will be meaningful to you, as well.

Returning to the old way of life

Nick – Dallas

Sinners saved by grace?

Shelly – Facebook

That your prayers be not hindered

Matt – Lewisville, TX

Addiction and depression

Ashley – Dallas

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Bob Davis