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September 19, 2015

Proof you are saved

Gifts of the Spirit

From a spiritual perspective, there are few things that can get you thinking more than someone who challenges your faith. How do you know for sure your are saved? Questions like that. So we got this very interesting call from Debbie, who listens to our Denver affiliate, KRKS.

Friday Teaching Series

Fertile learning grounds

Have you ever wanted to host or lead a Bible study? If so, you’ve probably been puzzled as to the best way to really get into God’s Word and have it stick like glue in your mind, heart, and spirit and in the others who are participating.

I was just speaking with my friend Greg here at the Basic Gospel office about our upcoming Friday teaching series centered around our excellent study guide, The New Covenant Journey.

BNCJOf all learning venues, small group Bible studies are probably the most fertile learning grounds available. Though Basic Gospel is heard by many people, world wide, we believe this Friday teaching series will offer a venue for the start of many small group studies. We encourage you to start one!

Pick your study time

It’s usually not possible to get a group together during the actual, live broadcast. So use the archive!

Pick a time and invite several people over. Use the archived broadcasts as the centerpiece of your study. Listen and work through the study guide as we work through it on the broadcast. When it is over, discuss what you have heard.

If there are questions no one can satisfactorily answer, call in on the live broadcast on Monday, or before your next study, and pose the question.

We think this can be a huge opportunity for many to enter into a most meaningful time of spiritual growth and understanding.

With only a couple of weeks remaining before the study gets underway, today is the time to order your study guides. Get several copies of the guide for those who may join your study in progress. A discounted price is available for multiple copies.

Order yours now and be ready on Friday, October 2 … or whenever your decide to host your small group. And let us know how it is going! We hope to see many pools of spiritual learning all across the U.S., Canada, the UK, and all around the world!

Order The New Covenant Journey


It’s not a “thing”, it’s a Person

Great question from Martha in Elizabeth, New Jersey

List of coming events

In North Texas

Sunday, October 4, is the day. Park Meadows Baptist Church in Waxahachie is the location. And you are invited!

It’s Basic Gospel Day, hosted by Dr. Joe Langley and the congregation at Park Meadows Baptist, 3350 N Highway 77, in Waxahachie.

It will be a great time of teaching and fellowship beginning at 10:00 A.M. Join the Basic Gospel team for this special event.

Reach out and bring a friend! We hope to see you there!

Back East

Click EVENTS at for complete information.

Thanks for clicking in for this edition of Inside the Studio. And thanks for your interest in Basic Gospel and the message of God’s love in Christ Jesus.

Your friend in Him,

Bob Davis