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September 23, 2017

Welcome to Inside the Studio!

Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Signs in the Stars!

It’s enough to make some folks shudder with dread as we approach that much-heralded day — September 23rd. Oh, my! That’s today!

We’ve been discussing End Times all month on Basic Gospel. If you have not had a chance to listen and would like to get clarity on issues that are currently disturbing to some, go to the Basic Gospel Radio Archive and listen to the opening monologue to each day’s program.

We do pray for those in Mexico who suffered first from hurricane Katia and only days ago for the families who lost loved ones in the earthquake in the Mexico City area. And for those in upper and east coastal Texas; along the Florida peninsula, Georgia and the Carolinas; and certainly for the poor people of the Caribbean who have gotten a double dose of devastation in August and September. The past several weeks have been incredibly hard on so many.

So how does all this fit into End Times prophecy… Again, I recommend to you the daily programs in which Bob Christopher and Richard Peifer discuss in detail what we believe Scripture is saying—and not saying—about the end of the age.

The Lamb’s Book of Life

Bob Christopher poses the question to Richard Peifer … you know, that one about having your name blotted out?

Inheriting the Kingdom of God – or Not!

Question from Derron, Temple, Texas

What do we believe about the Rapture of the Church?

That’s the question from Steve, via eMail.

This past week we hosted a survey on end times. On Thursday, we revealed the results. And we were delighted. Basic Gospel listeners are hearing, believing, and living the Good News! Check out that program from the archive.

Lord willing, we’ll be back with a new edition of Inside the Studio next weekend. In the meantime I wish for you and your family and friends a blessed week in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Bob Davis