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September 24, 2016

A Topsy-Turvy World

That heading well describes the time we live in. Uncertainty at every turn — police shootings; riots and looting; racial strife; foreign hacks into U.S. government and public systems; ISIS and the terror threat; the escalating war cycle; economic crisis; political candidates who have an aversion to truth. It’s all part of today’s world … both at home and abroad.

But for all the worry and anxiety the world experiences over uncontrollable events, Basic Gospel listeners apparently know that there is an answer. That there is hope. And they have that hope … in the person of Jesus Christ! It is clearly reflected in their interaction with Basic Gospel.

It is revealing that out of the 33 most recent calls and emailed questions, there is not a single mentioned of the broader concerns of the world. They choose instead to focus on personal or family issues and questions about Scripture.

We welcome those calls and emails, and that’s why it is vital that Basic Gospel is on the air, live. We are here each day with answers from Scripture for the personal issues of life in the twenty-first century. But we are also here if you have questions about national or world events, and how our faith is relevant in the face of those troubling issues.

Is something troubling you? We invite you, we encourage you, to call us and talk it through.

Our on-air phone line is available day in and day out, around the clock. When we are not live on the air, record your question and hear it played back soon with an answer from God’s Word on the Basic Gospel radio program.

The number is 844-322-2742. You can call it any time and leave your voicemail question, or send us your question online. Simply fill out the On-Air Question form. Those listed below did. Listen to their questions and our answers from Inside the Studio…

Grace teachers and false doctrine

Trinitarianism and Universalism

Dave – via eMail

Remaining meek and quiet in spirit

While encouraging more focused family leadership

Tamara – Denton, Texas

What does Grace look like?

In everyday life

Reneé – Dumfries, Virginia


In the Old Covenant

Jerome – Temple Texas


Record your voicemail question any time at 844-322-2742, or use the On-Air Question form.

Wishing you a blessed weekend!

Bob Davis