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September 9, 2017

Preparing to panic?

With upper coastal south Texas still reeling from the massive flooding of Hurricane Harvey, south and east coastal Florida now face a potentially catastrophic visit from Hurricane Irma, described as “… the strongest Atlantic hurricane in recorded history.”

As I write this, Irma is forecast to be a Category 4 storm as she approaches south Florida’s huge population centers, including Miami, tomorrow (Sunday) morning.

Hard on the heels of Irma, Hurricane Jose was strengthening in the Atlantic, with Hurricane Katia already spinning in the Gulf of Mexico toward the Mexican coast.

Couple all this with ongoing acts of terrorism, a seemingly grave circumstance with North Korea, and the soothsayers’ predictions for September 23rd, and you have many wringing their hands in dread.

But what about Christians — those of us with the Spirit of Christ living within us? Are we to join the rest of the world in fret or despair? Are we facing certain doom and destruction? Or do children of God have anything at all to fear from world events?

Bob Christopher and Richard Peifer spoke to that issue on our Thursday program:

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Wishing you all a blessed weekend and new week in the Lord Jesus.

Bob Davis