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Just a Minute!
with Bob Christopher

Tue: Fully Measure of Joy

Dec 12, 2017

Trouble was up ahead for Jesus’s disciples. They were going to be mocked, persecuted, arrested and many of them martyred. Simply for proclaiming his name. So Jesus prayed on their behalf. &l… more

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Mon: Joy

Dec 11, 2017

What’s the one word that comes to mind when you think of Christmas? For me, it is joy. That’s what the story of Christmas brings to human hearts. "Listen to the words of the angel to th… more

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Fri: The Why of Christmas

Dec 8, 2017

People today are familiar with the Christmas story. Their not sure why Jesus came. That’s what has been covered over by the holiday hype. The writer of Hebrews sheds a bright light on the &ld… more

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Thu: Take the Lead

Dec 7, 2017

Leaders lead in one of two ways. They either rule over people and use people to further their own selfish ambitions. They power-hungry leaders often, as we have seen in the headlines lately, take ad… more

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Wed: Every Person Matters

Dec 6, 2017

Here is an alarming statistic. In 2016, men and women, boys and girls spent 4 1/2 billions hours watching porn. And that was on one porn site. As Matt Walsh wrote in his article, "We’re a Nat… more

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