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Weekend Edition

Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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Category: Apologetics

Does the book of James contradict other New Testament writers? Bob explains that James does not contradict at all. It's all about context! Mark asked if there is any scripture that supports the idea that a Christian can be demon-possessed? This question led to an interesting discussion about forgiveness. Gord in Canada called to ask about Kingdom theology. It's a viewpoint regarding end-times. Ed asks an awesome question: What is the finished work of Christ? The answer is life-changing.

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Categories: New Covenant Forgiveness/Repentance Apologetics Jesus Christ

Glory called to ask about movements such as the New Apostolic Reformation, emergent churches and contemplative prayer. Are people involved in movements like these on dangerous ground? Jose' asks about fear of God-what is it and is like a father who punishes his child? Chris in Virginia asks what to do in his life regarding `being a voice' for the gospel?

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Categories: Apologetics Theology Christian Living

Jeremy asks do we ask forgiveness for every sin in our life? Other ministries seem to say we need to keep 'short accounts' with God. There is good news - you are genuinely at peace with God. There is no in or out of fellowship. Bill is an agnostic and asks what is the original Gospel? Bill questions the gospel accounts. He's asking for proof that Jesus Christ is God. Richard does a great job of communicating with Bill. Veronica asks about tithing. She and her husband send support to his family members in the Dominican Republic. Is she still required to tithe? The New Covenant calls us to the "grace of giving". It is all about walking by faith and following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Earnest asks about the names of Jesus. Hebrews called him Yeshua. How did the name Jesus come about? Marcus asks for clarification on the judgment seat of Christ. If our sins have all been forgiven why would we have to come to the judgment seat? Andrew gives great clarification on this issue. You will be encouraged by his answer and will look at the judgment seat in a different way! Thanks for joining us!

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Categories: Forgiveness/Repentance Apologetics Money/Giving Jesus Christ

Our first call is a powerful one! Carol is a former Jehovah's Witness and wonders how to talk about Jesus with those who are still Witnesses. The Jehovah's Witness don't give credit TO Christ, everything is THROUGH him. Stacy called about a friend's co-worker who is homosexual and a minister. Her question is about how to speak the truth in love to this man. George expressed his appreciation for resources we sent to him. The Drive the Stake CD was life-changing for him. Clay asks if abortion should be the deciding factor on who to vote for in the coming elections? Antoine called to talk about Rhonda Rousey and her depression after her fighting loss. Isn't it really an identity issue? How does our identity correlate to depression?

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Categories: Apologetics Emotions/Depression Testimonies/Thanks


Drive the Stake
Drive the Stake

We begin this week with an interesting question from Kirk. Why is there no record of the Pharisees denying the resurrection? Andrew points Kirk to Josephus, a Jewish historian, who certainly didn't deny Christ, his crucifixion, or his resurrection. Evelyn called to ask how to respond to a family member if they smoke marijuana. Bob explains that we should help them learn to trust the Lord. James is concerned about how we will combat ISIS. It's a complicated issue but, as believers, we can pray for our leaders, for the leaders in the world, that they will understand the times and will rely on God for wisdom. Lulu asks a simple question - do we need to ask for forgiveness every day? The answer is a resounding "no"! Listen as Bob takes her to the scriptures to explain why. Steve asks for an explanation why God required sacrifices before Christ. Everything in the Old Covenant points to Jesus. Sacrifices taught the people that the shedding of blood was required for forgiveness. Jesus was the ultimate, complete sacrifice. Louise asks a question regarding leaving her current church - should she tell her church that she is leaving? Bob advises her to rely on the Lord's leading. We end with a comment from Theresa - amid today's confusion, when people say "where are we going to go? Where can we hide?" we can confidently tell them about Jesus. This is a perfect time to be a voice for the Good News!

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Categories: Resurrection Relationship Forgiveness/Repentance Apologetics

We begin this broadcast with a call from Peter asking if someone doesn't believe in the 6-day creation story, can they really be saved? Louise is in a season of "bad news". She is worried and wonders if God is mad at her. Bob reminds her that God is bigger than her anxiety and bigger than her worry and reassures her that God is not mad and that He desires to carry her anxiety and worry. Janelle is deeply disappointed in the church body who has not reached out to her in the midst of a family emergency. Finally, Bruce asks if the Holy Spirit is being taken away from our country. These calls highlight the importance of having a live, call-in broadcast so that people can receive insight and encouragement in the trials of life. Enjoy this edition of Basic Gospel Weekend!

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Categories: Apologetics Bible Holy Spirit Christian Living

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