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Weekend Edition

Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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Category: End Times

Daniel chapter 9 is one of the most exciting prophecies that found it's fulfillment in the coming of Christ Jesus. Listen as Bob explains why we can look forward to Christ's return. If you find yourself experiencing hopelessness and despair and if the holiday season only magnifies those feelings, then please consider our CD series, The Breakout. You'll find thanksgiving, faith, and love waiting for you. Betty asked if Christians be judged by God for sins they've done on earth. There's good news in the answer! Kay in Texas asks why God decided to change his covenant from Old to New. Did He make a mistake or was it His plan from the beginning? We pray the rich blessing of love, grace, and life during this most joyous time of the year. Keep your eyes on Jesus!

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Categories: End Times Emotions/Depression Sin Salvation Hope

Romans 3:31 is often misunderstood. Many are confused because of the phrase we should "uphold the law". What does that mean in light of the New Covenant? Our good friend Ryan in Canada asks about hyper-grace. What does that mean and what is the true nature of the grace of God? Bob answers the critics of Gods grace. Maria thanks us for teaching Christ and Christ alone. Her comment was a great encouragement to us and led to a great discussion with Andrew and Bob regarding prophecy. The story about Jesus is good news from beginning to end! It doesn't get any better than that!

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Categories: New Covenant Grace Jesus Christ End Times

Our prayer for you is that you would move through the Thanksgiving and Christmas season with a thankful heart. We begin with 2 Thessalonians 2:1, 2 regarding end times. The Word of God is clear - no one knows the day Christ will return. Those of us who have been sealed to Christ can eagerly look forward to that day, whenever it is. Cory asks about Hebrews 12:1. What is he referring to - individual sin or the sin of belief? David asks for the meaning of 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17. What is the meaning of God destroying the person who destroys the temple?

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Categories: End Times Sin Faith Bible

What does being filled with the Spirit mean? Bob explains the hard passage in Ephesians 5:18. Kate in British Columbia asked about the rapture. Will believers be raptured before the tribulation occurs? And will our entire lives be shown on a heavenly "movie screen" when we stand before God? Don shares that his daughter's friend made a profession of faith when they took her to church but now is saying that she is an atheist. Don's daughter wants to know how to help her friend. Was her salvation real? Al asks about Revelations chapter 3, where the church is described as "neither hot nor cold." What does that mean? Joe from DFW asks what can we do for the Christians who are being persecuted by Isis. The numbers are staggering. Is it enough to simply pray for them?

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Categories: Holy Spirit End Times Faith Salvation Christian Living

Ryan in Canada asks about the battle of Armageddon. Is it a physical battle or a spiritual battle? Richard answers with great detail and paints a great picture of this battle. Tabitha called to ask about marriage. Her husband has recently become a believer. There are things about God that they still have trouble agreeing on. Bob shares the gospel with Tabitha so that she can share it with her husband. Gord asks about about eternal security, specifically Hebrews 6:4-11. Barbara is a new believer. She wants to be able to share the gospel with her friends who are not believers.

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Categories: End Times Marriage Salvation Christian Living

One of the questions we get most frequently concerns the Lamb's Book of Life. Is it possible for a believer's name to be removed from it? Richard gives an extensive answer. Derron asks about 1 Corinthians 6:9-20. A lot of religions use this scripture to condemn believers. Is that a correct interpretation of that passage? Steve asks if we believe that the rapture of the church will happen before the second coming of Christ? And do you believe that Jesus will reign for an actual 1000 years in Jerusalem?

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Categories: Salvation Christian Living End Times

Are recent events fulfillment of prophecies in the Bible? Most prophecy speculation is rooted is fear. In Christ, we can look forward to security, confidence, blessing and hope in the future. Carl asks about capital punishment. Does the Bible speak to that? Kristin asks about church discipline. She is concerned that a church "kicked out" a member for sexual immorality. What makes that sin worse than any other? Don't we all sin and isn't the church to reach out to them in love? Bob addresses a common question we receive: What is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? If you are a believer, there is good news in the answer!

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Categories: End Times Hope Christian Living Sin Holy Spirit

Karen in Texas called to express her opinion that not everyone who hears about grace responds to it, whether it's the grace of God or grace extended to one another. None of us are ready to receive the grace of God until we are "humbled". Paul asked for help regarding his son, who has proclaimed himself to be an atheist. His son was once a confessing Christian but due to circumstances has now turned away. Eric has an interesting question about end times. Bob gives a thorough explanation of what we know about end times. Dennis asks if our sins will be judged at the Great Throne? The answer is good news for those who believe!

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Categories: Grace Parenting/Children End Times

Ralph in Tennessee asks about prayer. His wife is very ill and the prayers of the whole church hasn't seemed to "work". What is the role of prayer in situations like this? Lydia asks about the Sabbath? Is it a certain day that we must observe? Bob points her to the "eternal rest" that we now experience in Christ Jesus. There's an interesting observation about the 7th day we encourage you to hear. Stan asks how we really know the will of God. He feels he has missed God's purpose and blessing. Richard answers with insight from his own life. Kim is worried about all the instances of seeing the number 666. Does it mean that she is being attacked or marked? Stephen asks if it is wrong to ask the Lord to take him home? He feels he is not making the world "better". Bob encourages him to allow the Lord to work through him. He will use us in individual lives.

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Categories: Prayer Faith Hope God's Will End Times Hope

We begin with Tony from New York who is concerned about the new RFID chip - is it the mark of the beast? Bob and Richard address that fear. Our friend, Mary Jo, calls asking about "the man of lawlessness" in the Bible. Is the man helping Satan or is he Satan? Andrew and Richard have interesting insight into anti-Christ. Marie called expressing concern about her new church - they seem to be inordinately focused on Satan, Lucifer, and sin instead of talking about the love of Christ. Andrew encourages her to focus on Christ, not the enemy. Chris from Virginia asks for discussion about the idea that God gets more strict (higher expectations) with believers as they grow. Listen and learn how to depend on the solid rock of God's love. Ken asks about Abraham and his gift of a tenth to Melchizadek. Was Melchizadek really Jesus? Thanks for listening to this edition of Basic Gospel Weekend!

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Categories: Christian Living End Times Money/Giving

Our first call this week is about Revelation 3:5 - Doris asked, "Is it possible for your name to be erased from the Lamb's Book of Life?" Far from a fearful verse, this passage is actually the most reassuring scripture in the book of Revelation. We challenge you to look at this verse very carefully! James made a courageous call to ask why he is struggling so much in his walk with the Lord when it used to be so easy? This is a question we all face at one time or another. Connie asked an interesting question - if our resurrected body will be perfect, why did Jesus' body still bear the marks of the cross? We end this edition with a question from Lauren - is the book of Jude a warning against using grace as a license to sin or is there more to it? Thanks for joining us this week! We pray this program is a blessing to you!

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Categories: End Times Salvation Christian Living Heaven

Raymond asks for clarification of the Great White Throne Judgment. Revelation 20:15 holds great news for believers! Yenni is experiencing great doubt about God's promises after a bout with depression. Why is this happening? Bob encourages her to let the finished work of Christ and the revealed Word of God renew her mind. Steven feels "beat up" by his pastor....shouldn't the Body of Christ be a place of encouragement? We end this week's edition with calls from two men both named Jose' - the first is a believer but remains paralyzed by fear of letting God down. The second Jose' called to encourage him to hold on to the truth of God's love. Thanks for listening!

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Categories: End Times Emotions/Depression Hope Love

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