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Weekend Edition

Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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Category: Forgiveness/Repentance

Jackie asks about Psalm 119 - is the law truth? A listener In Montana asks about Isaiah 34:14 - does God scare me as discipline for my hypocritical ways? Autumn in Dallas asks about repentance - she is not sure she has repented sufficiently and therefore is not sure of her salvation. Bob gives a thorough explanation of repentance. This call ends with a prayer of salvation. Trudy in Idaho asks about her friends choice of church. The pastor claims to be a seer and is preaching about past lives. He has psychic readings, group readings for $50 each, etc. Her friends believe what he is teaching. How does she counsel her friends?

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Categories: Old Covenant Christian Living Forgiveness/Repentance Salvation

Mark asks about forgiveness. Is everyone forgiven, even unbelievers? Bob explains that salvation is much more than forgiveness. Luisa asks about speaking in tongues - is it proof that one is sealed? Brad asks for an explanation of what is means that God lives his life through us. An anonymous listener asked about the Bereans - are they a cult? Samuel asks about a friend who is encouraging him to doubt that the Holy Spirit exists. Myra asks what to do when your faith fails?

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Categories: Forgiveness/Repentance Holy Spirit Faith Christian Living

Daryl called to ask if there is a difference in the resurrected body whether it was cremated or buried. Jane asks about whether we need to ask forgiveness when we sin. Shouldn't believers just confess sin instead of asking forgiveness? Jeremy if repentance is simply turning from a single sin or totally changing our minds about God? Teresa asks where tithes and fasting fall within the New Covenant?

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Categories: Resurrection Forgiveness/Repentance Money/Giving New Covenant

This edition of Basic Gospel Weekend celebrates the Resurrection of Christ Jesus. Without the resurrection, there is no life for the believer. Jesus was raised from the dead and therefore was able to restore us to life eternal. Matt called to ask about judgment. Will believers be required to give an account for our lives? Patty in Denver asks how we keep the joy of our salvation when troubles come our way. It is hard to keep our focus on Jesus when we are in the midst of trouble. Eula Lee asks about the Lord's Prayer. Should it be recited in church service? What is the proper way to look at this prayer?

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Categories: Resurrection Jesus Christ Forgiveness/Repentance Prayer

Joseph asks about sex before marriage. Does that defile the union that you desire after marriage? When you do get married, do you have to take your vows before God or just go to the courthouse? Daniel asks if forgiveness is contingent upon repentance or repenting? Bob explains that repentance is a much bigger word - it's really about going from death to life. Chris from Virginia asks what God's solution is to our timidity in sharing our faith with others? If fear of sharing an indicator that God is not wanting us to share with that particular person? When those feelings of fear come, what do we do with that? Jeff called to thank us for the ministry and to ask for direction in how to communicate with his friend. His friend is struggling with drugs, alcohol, and suffered the loss of both parents. How should he approach his friend with the Gospel? The answer is to simply talk to him about Jesus and let the power of the Gospel do it's work. Bob encourages all listeners to continue to keep our friend, Ryan, and his family in our prayers. Ryan is a dear listener of Basic Gospel and is facing terminal brain cancer with faith and trust in God. Please join with us as we continue to pray for God's perfect work in Ryan's life.

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Categories: Marriage/Divorce Forgiveness/Repentance Faith Christian Living Hope

Ray wonders why so few teach the simple gospel - he remains concerned about forgiveness of sins because of the teaching he hears in church. Jeremy asks for explanation of Romans 11:19-24 which is often a stumbling block for believers. Kimberly asks about premarital sex. What does the Bible say about it? Aaron asks if Peter and Paul proclaimed different gospels... one for the Jews and one for the Gentiles. Rob asks how significant feelings are in a relationships. Are we to love according to our feelings?

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Categories: New Covenant Christian Living Forgiveness/Repentance

Phil responded to a call he heard about divorce and remarriage. The caller was concerned that he was committing adultery. Johnny's email asks if God will forgive him for being divorced and remarried. Is he going to hell? James asks about 1 John 1:9. Is this passage speaking to confession of sins in order to receive forgiveness? This is often a stumbling block passage. Bob gives a clear explanation of this passage. Tony called inquiring about President Trump, asking if he's a believer or not. While we can't answer his question with certainty, President Trump does seem to be relying on a panel of spiritual advisors and indicates that he is a strong advocate for Christianity.

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Categories: Marriage/Divorce Forgiveness/Repentance Salvation

Chris calls asking about where good works fit into what God has for us. * Brigina asks about a coworker who used to believe the Bible and isn't sure anymore. Can he believe and not believe the Bible? * A caller asks how can we better forgive ourselves? * Richard answers an email from Austin about who decided what is in the Bible and why. * Samuel writes to share how Basic Gospel has influenced his life of faith asks if our story is the best way to share Christ.

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Categories: Christian Living Forgiveness/Repentance Bible Testimonies/Thanks

Mary Jo asks if a believer goes back to their old homosexual lifestyle, will they go to hell? Bob answers this question as it relates to any sin. If you are forgiven, you ARE forgiven. There is no sin that Jesus left unforgiven. Carl has a question about the Trinity. Are the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ created beings? Lucy asks about Revelation 3:19. Does God discipline? Angela asks if her salvation is secure no matter which church she attends. With all the different doctrines among churches, is there anything that could nullify salvation? Jose expresses that he is burnt out with trying to live the Christian life. He asks for a complete definition of legalism. Jerome asks about praying "in the Spirit". Is there a difference between speaking in tongues and praying in the Spirit? Gloria asks about two passages in Proverbs that seem to contradict each other.

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Categories: Christian Living Salvation Forgiveness/Repentance Prayer

Curtis called with his story - when he joined the service, he was told he could never be saved because of the first commandment. This damage followed him for years. Then he started listening to Basic Gospel and found the truth and is now walking in the love of God. His life changed dramatically. This is a powerful testimony and one that we should all hear. Lorraine called to express her understanding of holiness and to thank us for the truth she hears on the broadcast. Miles called to share his realization that he doesn't have to argue and coerce people regarding his belief. God will reveal God. He asks how to handle political views with people he knows will be against his view. Andrew gives great insight. Jan called to express her opinion that there is a difference between forgiveness and consequences. Bob points out that God doesn't send the consequences - that's built in to the sin itself. Lucy asks about Revelation 3:19 - does God rebuke and discipline? Bob calls this a "very positive statement". Listen and find out why. Allen's question is about Matthew 12. Is speaking against the Holy Spirit the unpardonable sin?

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Categories: Testimonies/Thanks Righteousness/Justification Forgiveness/Repentance Holy Spirit

Dale kicks off this broadcast asking about the apparent conflict in scripture regarding temptation. Does God tempt us or does it come through Satan? It's an interesting question and Bob clarifies what might be seen as conflict. Jay asks a life question - his daughter has accumulated a large student loan debt. Is God disappointed with her? Jose' in Florida called with an emotional and honest situation. He fears God and fears that God does not love him. Bob gives hope, encouragement, and clarity to Jose's fears. The fear of God will be pushed out by the love of God once we truly understand what Jesus did on our behalf is the key. This is a powerful call and one that will resonate to all who hear. William reminds us that the key to behavior issues is by focusing on Jesus, not our behaviors. Richard expands on that thought.

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Categories: Christian Living Forgiveness/Repentance Righteousness/Justification

Tony calls with his struggle with what it means to be holy. Bob explains sanctification to help Tony understand what it means to be set apart, made holy, from the world. Holy looks a lot like love! Bob points him to Hebrews 10:10 as a key verse. Opal asks about punishment. Does God punish us when we sin? Bob shares the good news - Jesus took the punishment for sins. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 speaks loud and clear on this issue. Bob encourages her to think "bigger" than seeing God's training as some kind of punishment. Ray calls to encourage Basic Gospel to continue the ministry of teaching the New Covenant. He is a long-time listener and makes the point that the message we proclaim has remained unchanged. Bob makes this statement: Faith trusts. When faith trusts, faith rests. Jane asks if the reason God leaves Christians on earth only to reach others for Christ. Bob looks at our purpose in daily life. It's all about relationship.

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Categories: Righteousness/Justification Forgiveness/Repentance Faith

Jeremy asks do we ask forgiveness for every sin in our life? Other ministries seem to say we need to keep 'short accounts' with God. There is good news - you are genuinely at peace with God. There is no in or out of fellowship. Bill is an agnostic and asks what is the original Gospel? Bill questions the gospel accounts. He's asking for proof that Jesus Christ is God. Richard does a great job of communicating with Bill. Veronica asks about tithing. She and her husband send support to his family members in the Dominican Republic. Is she still required to tithe? The New Covenant calls us to the "grace of giving". It is all about walking by faith and following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Earnest asks about the names of Jesus. Hebrews called him Yeshua. How did the name Jesus come about? Marcus asks for clarification on the judgment seat of Christ. If our sins have all been forgiven why would we have to come to the judgment seat? Andrew gives great clarification on this issue. You will be encouraged by his answer and will look at the judgment seat in a different way! Thanks for joining us!

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Categories: Forgiveness/Repentance Apologetics Money/Giving Jesus Christ

Chris asks about the many who teach that you can lose salvation. Andrew's question is "How can you be un-born?" This kind of teaching is flawed because there is a basic misunderstanding of what salvation is. Sylvia is engaged to a man and yet finds herself questioning his character. He professes to be a Christian and yet his actions seem to be against rather than for her. Tony wonders how is the best way to deal with social media - is it wise to comment on posts that are anti-Christ? This is an important issue in today's world. An email question asks "what/where is the conscience?" Paul speaks to that in his writings. Jeremy asks about teachings that we need to continually ask for forgiveness. This is a question we often receive and it is a foundational truth of Christianity. The Bible tells us that there is NO way to get out of fellowship with God once you have entered into fellowship with God. Your feelings may tell you differently, but Christ in you will convince you once and for all!

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Categories: Salvation Christian Living Forgiveness/Repentance

Nicole is feeling isolated in her Christian walk. She gave up smoking at the time of her salvation and now has begun again. Bob helps her look at the situation through the lens of God's love for her. Romans 7 is key "I have no idea what I do". The Word of God has great hope and insight into this situation. Smoking is Nicole's issue but we all have something and will benefit from this discussion. Tony from New York is a new Christian and is confused about the practice in his church of speaking in tongues. Andrew deals with this often-misunderstood issue by taking him to the Word of God for clarification. You will never look at this issue in the same way again! Calvin is confused about the Holy Spirit - does the Spirit deal with us based on feelings? He finds himself more emotional and more in tune to things of the Lord. Andrew's discussion will help you understand the role (or non-role) of feelings in your Christian journey. He also highly recommends Bob's book Simple Gospel Simply Grace - get your copy at

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Categories: Christian Living Forgiveness/Repentance Holy Spirit

We begin this week with an interesting question from Kirk. Why is there no record of the Pharisees denying the resurrection? Andrew points Kirk to Josephus, a Jewish historian, who certainly didn't deny Christ, his crucifixion, or his resurrection. Evelyn called to ask how to respond to a family member if they smoke marijuana. Bob explains that we should help them learn to trust the Lord. James is concerned about how we will combat ISIS. It's a complicated issue but, as believers, we can pray for our leaders, for the leaders in the world, that they will understand the times and will rely on God for wisdom. Lulu asks a simple question - do we need to ask for forgiveness every day? The answer is a resounding "no"! Listen as Bob takes her to the scriptures to explain why. Steve asks for an explanation why God required sacrifices before Christ. Everything in the Old Covenant points to Jesus. Sacrifices taught the people that the shedding of blood was required for forgiveness. Jesus was the ultimate, complete sacrifice. Louise asks a question regarding leaving her current church - should she tell her church that she is leaving? Bob advises her to rely on the Lord's leading. We end with a comment from Theresa - amid today's confusion, when people say "where are we going to go? Where can we hide?" we can confidently tell them about Jesus. This is a perfect time to be a voice for the Good News!

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Categories: Resurrection Relationship Forgiveness/Repentance Apologetics

We address some important issues in this week's edition. First up is Martin who asks about the warning in Ephesians to not give the devil a foothold. We look to the context of scripture to answer this question and find that this passage is really an "attitude" passage and instruction to not let emotions have control over our actions. Sonia asks about adultery - can the adulterer be forgiven? Richard explains that while we have to bear the fruit of our behavior, if a believer falls into the trap of adultery, he still has the promise of redemption, the forgiveness of sins. Jose' asks for insight into how to properly study the Bible. The simple answer is `context, context, context'! Al called to find out what the "treasures in Heaven" are. Ephesians 1:3 holds the key to that question. We end with a call from Gary asking about the often misunderstood gift of tongues. Andrew and Richard explain the scriptural definition of tongues. Thanks for joining us and we pray this edition of Basic Gospel Weekend will be a benefit to you! See you next week!

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Categories: Emotions/Depression Marriage/Divorce Forgiveness/Repentance Heaven

This edition of Basic Gospel Weekend addresses some deep, thought-provoking questions. Jess asks for clarification on Jesus coming back to bring vengeance on those who don't obey the Gospel. The answer lies in belief and faith. Sab from England asks why God killed and destroyed people in the Old Testament. Martha asks why she hears such conflicting information about sin and wonders what grace really means. Kevin is distraught about all the trials he is going through and wonders why God would allow it to happen. Bob leads Kevin to think about truth - that God loves him and sent Jesus to die for him, not to punish him. Kevin stands today as a forgiven person and can trust God. Peter emails his question about the unpardonable sin - is it rejection of Jesus in the past or a continual rejection? We pray this edition will help you more fully understand the life we have in Christ!

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Categories: Faith Old Covenant Forgiveness/Repentance

We address questions that are often posed to Basic Gospel in this edition. Nick challenges our position on forgiveness - doesn't God chasten His children when they sin? Don't we need to ask forgiveness? Hazel poses a question about the validity of the 10 Commandments in our life today - don't they still apply? Anthony asks, "How do I keep the joy of the Lord when I am under such stress and pressure in my workplace?" Danny received grace and mercy when he broke the law in his youth. Should he not file charges against those he apprehends in his current job as a security guard? Bob clarifies our position on these issues and gives Anthony and Danny practical, powerful encouragement in dealing with their job issues.

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Categories: Forgiveness/Repentance Old Covenant Christian Living

This week we hear from Eugene who wonders how he is qualified to share the message of Christ when he still struggles with sin. Rose asks for help in releasing long-held anger towards a friend. She worries that God won't forgive her if she can't forgive her friend. Brad called to encourage listeners that they truly can know and experience life in Christ. He reminds us of Hebrews 12:2, "keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of faith". Ralph asks if we are still bound by the 10 Commandments. Andrew explains that the law is not dead - but, as believers, WE are dead to the law. Andrew says, "If you are flirting with the Law, you are cheating on Jesus. Jesus Christ is enough for us." And, finally, Richard Peifer shares his thoughts about freedom. Everything in the world tries to drive us back to bondage. But, we have freedom in Christ! Enjoy this edition of Basic Gospel Weekend!

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Categories: Jesus Christ Forgiveness/Repentance Old Covenant


Forgiveness: The Door to Life
Forgiveness: The Door to Life
The New Covenant Journey
The New Covenant Journey

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