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Weekend Edition

Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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Category: Holy Spirit

What does being filled with the Spirit mean? Bob explains the hard passage in Ephesians 5:18. Kate in British Columbia asked about the rapture. Will believers be raptured before the tribulation occurs? And will our entire lives be shown on a heavenly "movie screen" when we stand before God? Don shares that his daughter's friend made a profession of faith when they took her to church but now is saying that she is an atheist. Don's daughter wants to know how to help her friend. Was her salvation real? Al asks about Revelations chapter 3, where the church is described as "neither hot nor cold." What does that mean? Joe from DFW asks what can we do for the Christians who are being persecuted by Isis. The numbers are staggering. Is it enough to simply pray for them?

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Categories: Holy Spirit End Times Faith Salvation Christian Living

Recently Bob Christopher addressed a hard passage - Hebrews 6:4-6. Is it possible to "fall away" from grace and lose your salvation? That's not what the writer of Hebrews is teaching. Context is important. Dwight asked for an explanation of 1 Corinthians 13:3. Does this mean that we need to give all we possess to the poor but do it without love, does it mean nothing? Kade asks if there will be no marriage in Heaven, will he and his wife have no relationship at all? Veronica's question is about the role of the Holy Spirit in our glorified bodies.

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Categories: Hard Passages Love Christian Living Holy Spirit

Are recent events fulfillment of prophecies in the Bible? Most prophecy speculation is rooted is fear. In Christ, we can look forward to security, confidence, blessing and hope in the future. Carl asks about capital punishment. Does the Bible speak to that? Kristin asks about church discipline. She is concerned that a church "kicked out" a member for sexual immorality. What makes that sin worse than any other? Don't we all sin and isn't the church to reach out to them in love? Bob addresses a common question we receive: What is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? If you are a believer, there is good news in the answer!

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Categories: End Times Hope Christian Living Sin Holy Spirit

Kristin has heard teaching that our sins separate us from God, and that's what is causing her anxiety. Do our sins really separate us? Understanding what has happened to our sins is the key truth to experiencing life as God intends. Brad asks if Paul is talking as a believer or unbeliever in Romans 7? Is he speaking of his life as a believer who still struggles? Samuel connected through YouTube to ask about hell - is it a real place? How does judgment pertain to who is sent to hell and who isn't? Revelation reveals wonderful truth! Myles in Calgary asks if Jesus said anything about going to a minister, vicar, pastor for direction in the Bible or is the Holy Spirit the source of our discernment? Samuel is concerned about maintaining an attitude of appreciation toward others. Why is it so hard to be an encourager sometimes? The warning is to not make being appreciative a "work". William in California comments on our being a new creation in Christ. Adam and Eve had the choice to leave and never come back; our choice is to come back and never leave.

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Categories: Sin Salvation Hell Holy Spirit Faith

We received an impassioned email with the subject line "Crisis in Faith". Bob and Richard give solid, clear answers to the writer of this email. This is an important conversation. Robbie in New York asks if a believer is committing a sin when he dies, does he lose his salvation? What about a believer who commits suicide? A caller fears that he has blasphemed the Holy Spirit and feels overwhelming guilt. Is it possible for him to ever be saved again? Can a Christian even commit blasphemy against the Spirit? Or is it only done by unbelievers?

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Categories: Faith Sin Salvation Holy Spirit

Mark asks about forgiveness. Is everyone forgiven, even unbelievers? Bob explains that salvation is much more than forgiveness. Luisa asks about speaking in tongues - is it proof that one is sealed? Brad asks for an explanation of what is means that God lives his life through us. An anonymous listener asked about the Bereans - are they a cult? Samuel asks about a friend who is encouraging him to doubt that the Holy Spirit exists. Myra asks what to do when your faith fails?

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Categories: Forgiveness/Repentance Holy Spirit Faith Christian Living

Lavonna begins this edition with a question about the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, man is controlled by the flesh. What is the role of the Holy Spirit in a believer's life? William shares his story of how God watched over him. His life was transformed in day and rescued from drug addiction. At that point he gave his life to the Lord. Was it the Holy Spirit who drew him to God? Sandra asks about her son. At age 4, he gave his heart to the Lord. Is it necessary for him to pray for salvation now that he's an adult? Martin in New York shares how the Basic Gospel broadcast has helped him share Christ with others. Roy asks when and why did Christians change worship from Saturday to Sunday? We end with a question about Matthew 16:28. John asks for clarification.

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Categories: Holy Spirit Christian Living Salvation

Bob Davis offers a Thanksgiving greeting. Chris asks about the value of praying for one another and should we pray for something more than once. Mark has been diagnosed as bipolar and also is addicted to nicotine. He is fearful of giving up nicotine thinking it might cause more episodes of bipolar symptoms. Ruth is confused about salvation. In Ephesians 2:8-9 it speaks as salvation as a gift of God. In Philippians 2:12 it says to work out your own salvation. Those two passages seem to contradict one another. A phone caller asks about tongues. Why is it that some churches put importance on tongues and others don't? Victoria called to ask about abiding in Christ. She wants to encourage others to abide in Christ.

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Categories: Prayer Emotions/Depression Salvation Holy Spirit

Greg asks if we sin against God by not observing the Sabbath on Saturday? Andrew explains the common misunderstanding around the Sabbath. David in Dallas asks about the Bible. Were the Gospels written anonymously and names assigned at a later date? Bob presents the evidence that supports the validity and reliability of the Bible. David follows up with a question about the Holy Spirit. Is it true that you have to have the Spirit to understand the Bible? Carrie asks if we will receive rewards in Heaven for good works? Perry shares how Romans 8:15 ministered to him. He is grateful for the message we share on Basic Gospel - it has helped him in understanding his true identity. Samuel is concerned about a former pastor friend who now has turned away from all things of God. Bob explains that salvation is a matter of the heart, not of lip-service.

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Categories: Christian Living Bible Holy Spirit Salvation

Jerome asks what grieving the Holy Spirit means. We all sin, so is the Holy Spirit in a constant state of grief? Chris asks how the Gospel frees us from the opinion of others. Bob responds with a passage from Galatians. You can live freely as a child of God, unconcerned about the opinion of others. Lorraine shares her understanding of holiness... love, joy, long-suffering, peace, kindness, showing the love of God in daily life. Bob shares how her insight fits into our by-line - hear it, believe it, and live it. Terry asks if categorizing a sin puts us under the law. If the unpardonable sin is unbelief, then what do I call behaviors that we typically call sins? Bob ends with an encouraging email from Paul.

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Categories: Holy Spirit Faith Love Sin

Dwight's question is about our "job" after salvation. If we don't do good works, will we be kept out of Heaven? This is an important question to understand. Bob gives a complete picture of salvation in this call. Kelly's call is heart-wrenching. Even though he is a believer, he struggles with alcohol addiction and shame associated with it. Andrew gives great hope and encouragement. Bob addresses an email question from Colleen about exactly what power Satan has in the world. Barry asks about the 10 Commandments - are they still in effect? Andrew explains how this question applies to believers and unbelievers. Mark asks how we teach people to listen to the Holy Spirit. Armindo asks about the judgment of God. How can he judge us if he doesn't keep a record of wrongs?

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Categories: Christian Living Salvation Faith Law Old Covenant Holy Spirit

Curtis called with his story - when he joined the service, he was told he could never be saved because of the first commandment. This damage followed him for years. Then he started listening to Basic Gospel and found the truth and is now walking in the love of God. His life changed dramatically. This is a powerful testimony and one that we should all hear. Lorraine called to express her understanding of holiness and to thank us for the truth she hears on the broadcast. Miles called to share his realization that he doesn't have to argue and coerce people regarding his belief. God will reveal God. He asks how to handle political views with people he knows will be against his view. Andrew gives great insight. Jan called to express her opinion that there is a difference between forgiveness and consequences. Bob points out that God doesn't send the consequences - that's built in to the sin itself. Lucy asks about Revelation 3:19 - does God rebuke and discipline? Bob calls this a "very positive statement". Listen and find out why. Allen's question is about Matthew 12. Is speaking against the Holy Spirit the unpardonable sin?

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Categories: Testimonies/Thanks Righteousness/Justification Forgiveness/Repentance Holy Spirit

Valerie called from New York asking about speaking in tongues. Her church teaches that it is evidence of being baptized in the spirit. Andrew & Bob address this often misunderstood subject. Vincent asks if God's love is different for believers than it is for non-believers? There's good news in the answer! Frank called with comments about justification. Bob disagrees with Frank's viewpoint and shares his insight. It's an important subject to consider. An anonymous email asks for definition of the conscience - what is it? Bob talks about the moral compass that resides in all of us. We address another email question asking if God calls only some people or only those who have responded to the Gospel. This is a question that troubles a lot of people - listen as Bob responds with the good news! Thanks for joining us!

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Categories: Holy Spirit Love Righteousness/Justification Salvation

Nicole is feeling isolated in her Christian walk. She gave up smoking at the time of her salvation and now has begun again. Bob helps her look at the situation through the lens of God's love for her. Romans 7 is key "I have no idea what I do". The Word of God has great hope and insight into this situation. Smoking is Nicole's issue but we all have something and will benefit from this discussion. Tony from New York is a new Christian and is confused about the practice in his church of speaking in tongues. Andrew deals with this often-misunderstood issue by taking him to the Word of God for clarification. You will never look at this issue in the same way again! Calvin is confused about the Holy Spirit - does the Spirit deal with us based on feelings? He finds himself more emotional and more in tune to things of the Lord. Andrew's discussion will help you understand the role (or non-role) of feelings in your Christian journey. He also highly recommends Bob's book Simple Gospel Simply Grace - get your copy at

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Categories: Christian Living Forgiveness/Repentance Holy Spirit

Dwight calls with a question about a most important issue - can a believer lose their salvation? Far from popular teaching, our behavior has nothing to do with salvation. It is faith in Christ that saves us and faith in Christ that allows us to live a life of freedom. At Basic Gospel, we explain it as "FIRST faith, THEN change". Kelly emailed a question asking if God is in control of our lives - if so, why do bad things happen to good people? The answer is that we live in a world that dominated by sin and death; however, the victory is God's and He conquers sin and death. We will live with Him eternally. Curt wonders how to relate to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and He reveals to us the meaning of the Word of God. For insight into the role of the Holy Spirit, helpful passages are John 14 & 16, Ephesians 3:14-21, 1 John chapter 2, and 1 Corinthians 2:9-16. Lee wonders why churches don't teach the New Covenant. It is the New Covenant that binds us together as children of God - Jew and Gentile. Mary Ann called expressing thanks for Basic Gospel and encourages others to join in supporting the ministry. You can do so at

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Categories: Salvation Faith Holy Spirit New Covenant

We begin this week with a question from Debbie. A woman at a bible study challenged her salvation because she doesn't speak in tongues. Bob debunks the allegation and encourages her with the true meaning of salvation. Russell is questioning his religious upbringing and asks what grace really means. An email question from a man who asks how to forgive his ex-wife for her adultery so they can have a good relationship for their children. Darrell asks if John the Baptist was not worthy to unlatch Jesus' shoes and yet the woman who anointed His feet was worthy. What makes them different? We end with Jeff's request for clarification about Hebrews 6 as it pertains to losing salvation. This is a very interesting Basic Gospel Weekend and we pray it is an encouragement to you!

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Categories: Salvation Holy Spirit Marriage/Divorce Jesus Christ Hard Passages

This week we present an overview of what we at Basic Gospel call The Power of 8 - 8 fundamental truths that believers need to fully understand in order to fully experience the grace of God. The 8 truths are:

  • Deity of Jesus Christ
  • Authority of the Word of God
  • The New Covenant
  • Finished Work of Christ
  • Reality of the Resurrection
  • Our Identity in Christ
  • How to Live in the New Covenant
  • Faith Hope and Love. The Christian life is lived by faith, anchored in hope and expressed in love.

Also, Mike calls asking how to forgive his wife for past affairs, Joaquin called to speak about the impact of Simple Gospel Simply Grace and asks how to reach out to others with the Gospel message, and Rich called to clear up confusion with his faith. This edition is full of powerful truth for all believers and we pray it will impact your life!

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Categories: Jesus Christ Holy Spirit Faith


The Power of 8
The Power of 8
Gateway to Grace
Gateway to Grace
The New Covenant Journey
The New Covenant Journey

We begin this broadcast with a call from Peter asking if someone doesn't believe in the 6-day creation story, can they really be saved? Louise is in a season of "bad news". She is worried and wonders if God is mad at her. Bob reminds her that God is bigger than her anxiety and bigger than her worry and reassures her that God is not mad and that He desires to carry her anxiety and worry. Janelle is deeply disappointed in the church body who has not reached out to her in the midst of a family emergency. Finally, Bruce asks if the Holy Spirit is being taken away from our country. These calls highlight the importance of having a live, call-in broadcast so that people can receive insight and encouragement in the trials of life. Enjoy this edition of Basic Gospel Weekend!

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Categories: Apologetics Bible Holy Spirit Christian Living

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