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Weekend Edition

Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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Category: Law

This broadcast begins with a "hard passage" from the Bible. The kind of passage that makes you scratch your head and ask "What in the world does this mean?". The first is 1 Peter 1:1-6 which talks about wives being submissive to their husbands. Many look at this through legalistic eyes and make it just another list of rules and regulations. That's not what it is at all. David in Hawaii asks about salvation not being complete until you are baptized with water. Tom asks whether 1 John 1:9 was written to believers or non-believers.

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Categories: Marriage Law Salvation Hard Passages

Dwight's question is about our "job" after salvation. If we don't do good works, will we be kept out of Heaven? This is an important question to understand. Bob gives a complete picture of salvation in this call. Kelly's call is heart-wrenching. Even though he is a believer, he struggles with alcohol addiction and shame associated with it. Andrew gives great hope and encouragement. Bob addresses an email question from Colleen about exactly what power Satan has in the world. Barry asks about the 10 Commandments - are they still in effect? Andrew explains how this question applies to believers and unbelievers. Mark asks how we teach people to listen to the Holy Spirit. Armindo asks about the judgment of God. How can he judge us if he doesn't keep a record of wrongs?

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Categories: Christian Living Salvation Faith Law Old Covenant Holy Spirit

On this Weekend Edition, Craig shares what he's learned about overcoming sin. Denise calls concerned about her salvation and "drives the stake" of assurance once and for all. And Steve wants to know whether the Law was for just the Israelites or for the Gentiles too.

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Categories: Sin Salvation Law

We begin this week's edition with a call from Cynthia who is passionate about calling the church to prayer regarding the things of the world. Bob speaks from the heart about this subject and reminds us that our calling is to be a voice in this dark world, sharing the good news about Christ. Colossians 2:22-3 was the subject of Jose's email - if we have died with Christ, are we set free from the rules of the world? Anthony shares his concern regarding serving other people. If we reach out to people, how do we avoid taking on their problems as our own. Andrew has a great perspective and set Anthony's mind at ease. Antoine asks the question, "is salvation as simple as John 3:16 or do we need deeper knowledge?" Bob reassures him that the path to salvation is simply "by grace, through faith". Our last question is from Ron who asks for clarification on Hebrews 4:15 - how was Jesus tempted in every way and yet remained without sin? Bob points out that this scripture should teach us that God certainly knows everything we are going through and that Jesus understands our temptations. We can trust in the Father, just as Jesus did. Thanks for joining us!

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Categories: Prayer Law Salvation Jesus Christ

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