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Weekend Edition

Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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Category: Love

Recently Bob Christopher addressed a hard passage - Hebrews 6:4-6. Is it possible to "fall away" from grace and lose your salvation? That's not what the writer of Hebrews is teaching. Context is important. Dwight asked for an explanation of 1 Corinthians 13:3. Does this mean that we need to give all we possess to the poor but do it without love, does it mean nothing? Kade asks if there will be no marriage in Heaven, will he and his wife have no relationship at all? Veronica's question is about the role of the Holy Spirit in our glorified bodies.

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Categories: Hard Passages Love Christian Living Holy Spirit

Bob in Texas called with a question about eternal security. Does that really mean that we don't need to ask forgiveness for any past, present, or future sins? Stephanie asks how she can be loving and kind to family members who are not loving and unkind? Howard called to ask how to distinguish between prompting from the Holy Spirit or if it is just a legalistic response? How do you know? James asks how to know if we are walking in our own strength or walking in faith in the Spirit? Maria asks if tithing is for today ... this is a question we hear quite often.

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Categories: Salvation Forgiveness/Repentance Love Christian Living Faith Money/Giving

Mike responded to a recent devotional about love does not respond in anger. How does God handle anger? Wayne from Louisiana called with encouragement and a question about 1 Peter 4:1 - how does this verse apply to identity? Can we really cease from sin? Is suffering an indicator of being in Christ? An email question from Tom who asks about how to overcome a legalistic thought process. How do you rest from works-based perfectionism. His touching comment is "It's too much weight to bear". James in Denver called to ask how can we incorporate the great Commission into our identity? Does it start with our families first?

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Categories: Love Identity/Self Image Christian Living

Our Canadian friend, Ryan, called to share the creative way he was able to communicate the finished work of Jesus to his young daughter. He thanks us for keeping the message simple and that we didn't name our ministry "Complex Gospel"! Ryan has terminal brain cancer and has found great encouragement through Basic Gospel. We have been equally encouraged by him. William calls asking about drinking and gluttony. Even Jesus was accused of such things. This questions leads to a discussion of our living sacrifice. Ed asked about Jeremiah 31:31. Was the promise of the New Covenant only for the house of Israel? Karen asks about showing God's grace to others. It takes a humble heart to receive and share the grace of God.

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Categories: Faith Hope Love Grace New Covenant

Welcome to the Christmas edition of Basic Gospel Weekend! Bob, Bob, and Richard discuss the awe-inspiring gift of Jesus Christ. Through his birth, love came down and gave us hope. Through his death, we received forgiveness of sins and eternal life. God's Christmas gift to us was his son, Jesus Christ. As the angel proclaimed, "Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people; for today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord" (Luke 2:10-11). All of us at Basic Gospel wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and God's richest blessings in the New Year!

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Categories: Jesus Christ Faith Hope Love

Wanda asks about the verse "by his stripes we are healed" in Isaiah 53:5. Bob explains that this is not a verse about physical healing but a verse about the healing of our souls. Rose has a question about Revelation. When we die does our spirit go immediately to heaven or are we in a state of limbo? Bob explains "absent from the body, present with the Lord" for the believer. Jose asks about attending church - do we have to attend church? Richard explains the importance of, not the requirement of, meeting together with like-minded believers. Kim asks a heart-wrenching question. If she decides to quit dialysis and let her body go, will God still receive her? Bob handles this question with compassion, concern, and truth from the Word of God. It's a powerful response. Chris asks about John 15:14, "you are my friends if you do what I command". What is the context of this statement? If I don't do a good job of loving others, does that mean Jesus will not love me? Curtis asks if God knows our eternal destiny before we are even conceived?

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Categories: Faith Heaven Christian Living Love Theology

This Labor Day weekend edition begins with Mike who asks why would God create Satan, knowing that he would turn evil. Does that mean God actually created sin? Richard enters into a fascinating discussion on this topic as it pertains to the freedom of choice. Donna asks what God's reaction is to our sins? Bob cautions against basing God's reaction on how we react to sin. This answer is a wonderful assurance of God's love for us. Kevin asks why God continues to cause affliction in his life. Kevin feels that God is directly bringing pain and affliction. If God loves him, why does He allow this kind of pain? This is a powerful call as Bob leads Kevin to focus on what we know about God. Richard answers Eulalie's question about Luke 16:1-14 - why would we commend the shrewd manager? It's a fascinating look at the way Jesus dealt with the Pharisees.

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Categories: Sin Salvation Love

Scott asks for an explanation of John 8:4-11 - the woman caught in adultery. He compares this situation to the tragic Orlando shooting. Bob explains this situation was used as a trap to discredit Jesus. This passage reveals the truth of God's love. Clay calls regarding Hebrews 4 and the meaning of circumcision. Joanne asks about God's stance on remarriage. Can you remarry only if your spouse dies? Bob discusses marriage, divorce, and remarriage from God's perspective. Ron sent a question through Facebook - please explain how we can make disciples? Bob and Richard discuss the journey of discipleship.

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Categories: Love Jesus Christ Marriage/Divorce Faith

Jerome asks what grieving the Holy Spirit means. We all sin, so is the Holy Spirit in a constant state of grief? Chris asks how the Gospel frees us from the opinion of others. Bob responds with a passage from Galatians. You can live freely as a child of God, unconcerned about the opinion of others. Lorraine shares her understanding of holiness... love, joy, long-suffering, peace, kindness, showing the love of God in daily life. Bob shares how her insight fits into our by-line - hear it, believe it, and live it. Terry asks if categorizing a sin puts us under the law. If the unpardonable sin is unbelief, then what do I call behaviors that we typically call sins? Bob ends with an encouraging email from Paul.

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Categories: Holy Spirit Faith Love Sin

Roland asks how he can learn to love God more fully. What a perfect question! Sandy emailed confused about 1 John 5:16. What is the sin unto death? Clay wonders how to talk to his friend who believes there is a way to lose salvation? Lisa asks about Romans 11:17. If branches can be broken off, doesn't that seem to imply we can lose our salvation? Chris asks about how to avoid sin... what is it about keeping our eyes on Jesus that allows us to overcome sin?

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Categories: Love Christian Living Sin Salvation

Michael asks about Paul's admonition in Romans 13:1-2 to be subject to the government authorities. How does that apply to today's troubles? Eileen Mason joins us to share exciting information about our upcoming trip to Israel. We would love for YOU to join us! Neil calls seeking help with his marriage asking how to apply "love keeps no record of wrongs" in his situation. Clay asks for clarification of 1 Corinthians 3:17. Based on this scripture, is suicide the unpardonable sin? Listen to Bob and Richards insight into this question.

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Categories: Love Marriage/Divorce Sin

Here's good news - when God looks down on the world, he sees two kinds of people - those who are lost and need salvation (the unrighteous) and those who are saved (the righteous). If you are a believer, you have been justified and are righteous in God's sight. Our friend, Clay, calls with a question about suicide. Does suicide negate salvation? Richard sets the record straight regarding this oft-misunderstood subject. Angela called to explain her understanding of faith. Bob shares Major Ian Thomas' insight on faith - first, it's the love of God initiated toward us, which results in our love for God, resulting in our dependence to God, resulting in obedience to God. Joe in KY asks about the New Covenant - does a Christian still have to tithe 10%? Andrew explains how New Covenant believers honor the Lord in their giving. Victor asks about "replacement" theology - believers who think they can replace Israel by keeping the Jewish customs. It's an interesting discussion. Brad in Missouri points to the verse in Matthew which speaks about "taking up the cross". Bob explains that our responsibility is simply to walk by faith.

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Categories: Righteousness/Justification Salvation Sin Love Faith Money/Giving

Samuel called expressing his thanks for Basic Gospel. Hearing the true Gospel led Samuel to accept Christ and move from spiritual death to spiritual life. Linda from Utah called asking about couples who live together before marriage. Bob explains that marriage is a covenant before God one to another. The marriage covenant is what truly gives security to a relationship. Andrew asks about dinosaurs, cave men, fossils and how they are dated ... how do you put those things in proper Biblical perspective? Mike was a controversial caller based on his opinion about the Orlando shooting. Bob firmly dispels Mike's point of view, calling it "utter nonsense". Listen to this important call. Wayne called with his testimony of moving from death to life. Basic Gospel is privileged to have helped Wayne understand the love of God as never before.

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Categories: Salvation Marriage/Divorce Love Christian Living

Valerie called from New York asking about speaking in tongues. Her church teaches that it is evidence of being baptized in the spirit. Andrew & Bob address this often misunderstood subject. Vincent asks if God's love is different for believers than it is for non-believers? There's good news in the answer! Frank called with comments about justification. Bob disagrees with Frank's viewpoint and shares his insight. It's an important subject to consider. An anonymous email asks for definition of the conscience - what is it? Bob talks about the moral compass that resides in all of us. We address another email question asking if God calls only some people or only those who have responded to the Gospel. This is a question that troubles a lot of people - listen as Bob responds with the good news! Thanks for joining us!

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Categories: Holy Spirit Love Righteousness/Justification Salvation

On this Weekend Edition, Michael asks "How do you love someone that's totally evil - like a dictator, someone obviously evil?" Mike shares his story of resting in God's love after years of struggling to find peace. Jose wonders how to deal with his mom who just told him she's marrying a woman. An emailer asks: "Is there true forgivness for the sin of pornography?" Marie just joined a new church and is concerned about their focus on Lucifer and Satan. And lastly another email question - "Can you tell me where the conscience is?"

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Categories: Christian Living Love Testimonies/Thanks

Gary is puzzled by the scriptures who refers to the "Son of Man" - why does Jesus describe himself in that way? Richard and Bob lead Gary in a discussion of the miracle of Jesus becoming fully human while remaining fully God - on our behalf. Joyce is attending a church that focuses on a ritual of foot washing. Andrew helps her see the meaning of this act and encourages her to follow the Lord's lead in whether to participate or not. Sharon is experiencing a heart-wrenching situation in her family - there is a pattern of grudges and incomplete reconciliation. How do they experience true healing? Bob takes her to 1 Corinthians 13 - love keeps no record of wrongs. Hebrews 12:15 holds important insight for this problem - missing the grace of God. Truth from the Word of God and embracing the grace of God is the key to breaking this destructive pattern. Annie wonders why her pastor is resigning from the church and beginning another. Bob helps her focus on the true leader of the church. The church can rest in Jesus Christ to work this situation for good through the body of believers. Teresa questions the practice of canonizing saints - aren't we all declared saints in the Word of God? An interesting question with great spiritual application. Thank you for joining us this week!

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Categories: Jesus Christ Christian Living Love

We begin this week's edition with an important question from Mia. Please tell me if we can or cannot lose salvation. Bob Christopher gives a complete explanation of what salvation is - the very life of Christ. Once we understand that salvation is so much more than simply a golden yicket into Heaven, our lives are transformed. Alicia is concerned about her children - is there an age of accountability for children to accept or reject Christ? How is a parent to lead their children into a knowledge of Christ? Don asks for clarification about the rewards in Heaven. Is there a hierarchy in Heaven based on the works we did or did not do? We end this week with a question from Sharon about the often-controversial subject of tongues. Bob explains that the focus of Christianity should be Jesus. Signs and wonders do not save - only Jesus and His finished work provided eternal salvation. Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of faith. Join us next week for another edition of Basic Gospel Weekend!

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Categories: Salvation Parenting/Children Heaven Love

Raymond asks for clarification of the Great White Throne Judgment. Revelation 20:15 holds great news for believers! Yenni is experiencing great doubt about God's promises after a bout with depression. Why is this happening? Bob encourages her to let the finished work of Christ and the revealed Word of God renew her mind. Steven feels "beat up" by his pastor....shouldn't the Body of Christ be a place of encouragement? We end this week's edition with calls from two men both named Jose' - the first is a believer but remains paralyzed by fear of letting God down. The second Jose' called to encourage him to hold on to the truth of God's love. Thanks for listening!

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Categories: End Times Emotions/Depression Hope Love

This week's Basic Gospel Weekend edition is full of good news! We invite you to listen as we address these topics:

  • David expresses his doubts about his salvation. Andrew and Bob share the Gospel and ask him to invite Jesus into his life. Powerful call!
  • Roberta asks about the word "agape". Bob explains that agape love is the one-way unconditional love of God and that it is an action word - God is actively loving us, being patient with us, and kind to us.
  • The 10 Commandments - are they still applicable today? Bob gives a great explanation of the Old and New Covenants. The New Covenant never is contrary to the 10 Commandments; however, because of Christ, we live in the New Covenant with its' laws of faith, hope and love.
  • John is a Jewish man actively considering converting to Christianity. His concern is about the curse found in Deuteronomy. Bob explains that everything is reconciled through Jesus Christ. He takes away the curse of the law - he took the curse upon Himself so that we could be set free. When we trust Christ by faith, we cross over from death to life and there is no condemnation for us! That's some good news!

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Categories: Salvation Love Old Covenant New Covenant


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