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Weekend Edition

Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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Category: Marriage/Divorce

Margie encouraged all of us by letting us know how the clear teaching of forgiveness and eternal security has changed her life. She was able to finally "Drive the Stake" and know that she is saved for eternity. Jim asks about the phrase "work out your salvation" in Philippians 2. The meaning is to work "out" what God has worked "in" you. Derron asks about the scripture, Acts 3:19. Many use it as a warning that you can lose your salvation, be out of fellowship with God, and that you must repent over and over. Kim's husband, who used to be a pastor, is divorcing her. He has turned violent and completely changed. Is he still saved?

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Categories: Forgiveness/Repentance Salvation Marriage/Divorce

1 Peter 3:18-22 is one of the most comforting and victorious passages in all of the Bible. There is nothing for us to fear as far as suffering is concerned. We can be certain of our life even in the midst of circumstances. * A Minnesota listener wrote about his divorce. She is making her new partner a part of their children's lives. She has shown no remorse. He is torn in regard to forgiving her. * Tom asks about John 6:44 and speaks to the issue of "drawing". Does God draw some and not others? * An email question asks what is the purpose of Christ interceding for us in Heaven? Don't the accusations of Satan fall on deaf ears?

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Categories: Christian Living Hope Faith Marriage/Divorce

Our first caller asks about her marriage. After 54 years of marriage, her husband wants a divorce. He is in early stages of dementia and she doesn't know what to do. Mike emailed us with a question about how to minister and show compassion and love to the people he encounters in his job as a policeman. The job and his faith seem contradictory at times. Jan asked about the teaching he heard about power in a woman's long hair. Deron asks about Jesus' taking our sins at the cross. Is that why Jesus cried out "Why have you forsaken me?" Did the spirit of God temporarily leave him? Tom is coming out of self-imposed legalism. The New Covenant seems too simple. What's the catch?

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Categories: Marriage/Divorce Grace Sin Jesus Christ New Covenant

Joseph asks about sex before marriage. Does that defile the union that you desire after marriage? When you do get married, do you have to take your vows before God or just go to the courthouse? Daniel asks if forgiveness is contingent upon repentance or repenting? Bob explains that repentance is a much bigger word - it's really about going from death to life. Chris from Virginia asks what God's solution is to our timidity in sharing our faith with others? If fear of sharing an indicator that God is not wanting us to share with that particular person? When those feelings of fear come, what do we do with that? Jeff called to thank us for the ministry and to ask for direction in how to communicate with his friend. His friend is struggling with drugs, alcohol, and suffered the loss of both parents. How should he approach his friend with the Gospel? The answer is to simply talk to him about Jesus and let the power of the Gospel do it's work. Bob encourages all listeners to continue to keep our friend, Ryan, and his family in our prayers. Ryan is a dear listener of Basic Gospel and is facing terminal brain cancer with faith and trust in God. Please join with us as we continue to pray for God's perfect work in Ryan's life.

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Categories: Marriage/Divorce Forgiveness/Repentance Faith Christian Living Hope

Justine asks about Matthew 9:43-47 which speaks about if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. What does that really mean? David asked about estate planning. Is he obligated to leave everything to his children or is it OK to leave a portion to an animal rescue. He knows his children would be upset about it but he feels that he wants to allocate part to non-profits. Gwen asks about relationships. Does God forgive past mistakes in relationships? Clay asks about "The Lord disciplines those he loves". Does this mean that physical spanking is OK? How do we season our parenting with grace?

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Categories: Sin Money/Giving Marriage/Divorce Parenting/Children Grace

Phil responded to a call he heard about divorce and remarriage. The caller was concerned that he was committing adultery. Johnny's email asks if God will forgive him for being divorced and remarried. Is he going to hell? James asks about 1 John 1:9. Is this passage speaking to confession of sins in order to receive forgiveness? This is often a stumbling block passage. Bob gives a clear explanation of this passage. Tony called inquiring about President Trump, asking if he's a believer or not. While we can't answer his question with certainty, President Trump does seem to be relying on a panel of spiritual advisors and indicates that he is a strong advocate for Christianity.

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Categories: Marriage/Divorce Forgiveness/Repentance Salvation

Mark emailed a question about two passages that seem to contradict each other - Matthew 7:23 and Romans 10:9. Bob explains that one is actually speaking to unbelievers. Patty from Colorado asks how to keep the joy of the Lord in her life when she is struggling in her relationship with her husband. Steve asks about the Law - has it been replaced by the New Covenant? This is an interesting discussion. Paul called to asks how he can truly accept that Jesus died for our sins. He is re-entering the world of faith. He asks how to pray so that he can truly believe it in his heart.

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Categories: Salvation Marriage/Divorce Old Covenant New Covenant

Renee' from Virginia struggles with "do more" Christianity vs. the "rest" of grace. What should she be doing? Tamara calls with a marriage question. How do I encourage him to be more of a man of God? Jerome is teaching the basic gospel message and is seeing more change in others than ever before. He is being encouraged to teach more than the basic gospel message. Is there a need to "go deeper" than the gospel message? Lucy emailed a question about Revelation 3:19. What does it mean "those whom I love I rebuke"?

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Categories: Prayer Christian Living Marriage/Divorce Grace

Len asks about Proverbs 11:29. How do I apply this verse to my pending divorce? My child is full of anger and resentment. Ryan is concerned that he might not have been saved early on because of his addiction to pornography. Was he saved then or was he saved only when he `repented' of that addiction? Andrew answers with compassion and truth. Cindy asks about the scripture "show thyself approved" ... how does that apply to those with learning disabilities who may not be able to read/grasp the Word. Andrew and Bob warn about making Christianity one-size-fits-all. Ron asks how important it is to understand the history of the times of the Bible? Bob explains the revelation by the Holy Spirit vs. historical knowledge.

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Categories: Marriage/Divorce Salvation Old Covenant

Scott asks for an explanation of John 8:4-11 - the woman caught in adultery. He compares this situation to the tragic Orlando shooting. Bob explains this situation was used as a trap to discredit Jesus. This passage reveals the truth of God's love. Clay calls regarding Hebrews 4 and the meaning of circumcision. Joanne asks about God's stance on remarriage. Can you remarry only if your spouse dies? Bob discusses marriage, divorce, and remarriage from God's perspective. Ron sent a question through Facebook - please explain how we can make disciples? Bob and Richard discuss the journey of discipleship.

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Categories: Love Jesus Christ Marriage/Divorce Faith

Michael asks about Paul's admonition in Romans 13:1-2 to be subject to the government authorities. How does that apply to today's troubles? Eileen Mason joins us to share exciting information about our upcoming trip to Israel. We would love for YOU to join us! Neil calls seeking help with his marriage asking how to apply "love keeps no record of wrongs" in his situation. Clay asks for clarification of 1 Corinthians 3:17. Based on this scripture, is suicide the unpardonable sin? Listen to Bob and Richards insight into this question.

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Categories: Love Marriage/Divorce Sin

Samuel called expressing his thanks for Basic Gospel. Hearing the true Gospel led Samuel to accept Christ and move from spiritual death to spiritual life. Linda from Utah called asking about couples who live together before marriage. Bob explains that marriage is a covenant before God one to another. The marriage covenant is what truly gives security to a relationship. Andrew asks about dinosaurs, cave men, fossils and how they are dated ... how do you put those things in proper Biblical perspective? Mike was a controversial caller based on his opinion about the Orlando shooting. Bob firmly dispels Mike's point of view, calling it "utter nonsense". Listen to this important call. Wayne called with his testimony of moving from death to life. Basic Gospel is privileged to have helped Wayne understand the love of God as never before.

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Categories: Salvation Marriage/Divorce Love Christian Living

Kenneth asks a great question to kick off this edition. What is the truth about post-baptismal sin? Richard discusses this in great detail. Richard says "The things I do wrong no longer have eternal consequence because the one thing I did right - choose Jesus. Marianne called to encourage others to take advantage of the Basic Gospel app. Valerie asks for clarification of something Richard said about witnessing to people in his own strength (selfish motives) versus following the leading of the Spirit. Mike called to share his testimony about when the grace of God really came true for him. He says, "Finally, I am trusting the Lord Jesus and am truly resting in Him". Nicole asks about addiction within marriage - how do you rebuild trust after the damage of addiction? Finally, we answer an email question regarding a passage in James which seems to say we must confess our sins. The passage is really talking about reconciliation within relationships, community, and local fellowships. Thanks for joining us!

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Categories: Sin Salvation Marriage/Divorce

This week we take on some "real life" questions. Our first call is from Linda. Her daughter passed away and Linda is wondering if her daughter is now in the presence of the Lord or experiencing what some call "soul sleep". Richard contacts us about predestination and election. This often misunderstood topic really should be a source of great gratitude for believers. Mary's husband died at his own hand and her step-children have pulled away from her. How does she restore the relationship? James is troubled about the Holocaust. How could God allow the execution of thousands? Billy has been divorced for 12 years. He is lonely and hurting. Is it wrong for him to pray for a new mate? What does the Bible say about it? Thanks for joining us on this week's edition of Basic Gospel Weekend!

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Categories: Death Marriage/Divorce Parenting/Children

We address some important issues in this week's edition. First up is Martin who asks about the warning in Ephesians to not give the devil a foothold. We look to the context of scripture to answer this question and find that this passage is really an "attitude" passage and instruction to not let emotions have control over our actions. Sonia asks about adultery - can the adulterer be forgiven? Richard explains that while we have to bear the fruit of our behavior, if a believer falls into the trap of adultery, he still has the promise of redemption, the forgiveness of sins. Jose' asks for insight into how to properly study the Bible. The simple answer is `context, context, context'! Al called to find out what the "treasures in Heaven" are. Ephesians 1:3 holds the key to that question. We end with a call from Gary asking about the often misunderstood gift of tongues. Andrew and Richard explain the scriptural definition of tongues. Thanks for joining us and we pray this edition of Basic Gospel Weekend will be a benefit to you! See you next week!

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Categories: Emotions/Depression Marriage/Divorce Forgiveness/Repentance Heaven

We begin this week with a question from Debbie. A woman at a bible study challenged her salvation because she doesn't speak in tongues. Bob debunks the allegation and encourages her with the true meaning of salvation. Russell is questioning his religious upbringing and asks what grace really means. An email question from a man who asks how to forgive his ex-wife for her adultery so they can have a good relationship for their children. Darrell asks if John the Baptist was not worthy to unlatch Jesus' shoes and yet the woman who anointed His feet was worthy. What makes them different? We end with Jeff's request for clarification about Hebrews 6 as it pertains to losing salvation. This is a very interesting Basic Gospel Weekend and we pray it is an encouragement to you!

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Categories: Salvation Holy Spirit Marriage/Divorce Jesus Christ Hard Passages

The first two questions in this edition of Basic Gospel Weekend both have the same root issue. First, Lynn calls to say that sin has a stronghold in his life and he struggles with self-image. As he says, "the whole tree is rotten". Jeremy echoes that sentiment in his question. "I'm a 37 year old broken man. I've done so many dumb things. To be forgiven would be great. I want God to know I love him." Both of these courageous questions highlight one central issue - our identity in Christ. The truth is that we are children of God. He loves us and is not counting our sin against us. Next we address a "hot" topic - speaking in tongues. Bob walks Ralph through what the scripture says about tongues. Also, Ralph asks about the "greater works" that Jesus spoke about. Finally, Brad asks about remarriage. He says "I've begged God 1000 times for forgiveness. How can I let go of the guilt for remarrying. Does remarriage put me in a state of condemnation?" Bob points him to the powerful truth of forgiveness. God is not counting sins against us. He has given us new life and there is now NO condemnation. The accuser constantly turns our focus to sin - God wants us to keep our eyes on Jesus. We pray this edition of Basic Gospel Weekend will help you in your life!

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Categories: Sin Marriage/Divorce

This weekend edition highlights real life issues and addresses how we, as believers, can respond.

  • Anthony asks a great question - How do you resolve conflict in marriage? Bob helps Anthony see that his wife's number one need is security and that his number one need is respect. The most loving thing a husband can do is communicate to his wife that she is secure in her husband's love. Spend time letting her know that she's number one in your life.
  • Clay expresses his recommendation of Simple Gospel Simply Grace. "The book found me ... I really like it a lot. I like it so much, I don't want to finish it!"
  • Darrell is disturbed by the response of his pastor regarding gay marriage. Bob's advice is applicable to all of us in this issue. We have to look at any situation with this question - "Where do we go for truth?". The Word of God should be our authority.
  • Craig is struggling with certain lifestyle choices. His choices render him tormented, regretful and then doubts his own salvation. Bob cuts through the behaviors to the real problem - self-pity. He encourages Craig to shift his focus from his behaviors to Jesus Christ. We receive assurance from all that He has accomplished on our behalf.
  • George called to thank the ministry for resources. He says that he now knows he is saved and is experiencing freedom in Christ!

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Categories: Marriage/Divorce Christian Living Faith Testimonies/Thanks


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Living Life on the Edge
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Forgiveness: The Door to Life
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Drive the Stake

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