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Weekend Edition

Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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Category: Money/Giving

We begin with Matthew 7:21-23. In this passage Jesus states that to some he will say "Depart from me, I never knew you". Could that happen to you? Bob Christopher has good news! Ryan called to discuss his faith in the face of terminal brain cancer. Should he use his writings about his journey to generate income? Scott's question is "If money is the root of all evil, why do churches ask for it?" Bob and Richard have a frank discussion about the role of giving for a believer. Is it a requirement or a response to what God has done? Tim asks if babies and mentally challenged people are alive spiritually until the age of accountability? Is there Biblical support for that position? Peggy asks "Will God ever stop chasing us?" God's desire is for none to perish as Bob explains.

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Categories: Salvation Forgiveness/Repentance Money/Giving God's Will

Bob in Texas called with a question about eternal security. Does that really mean that we don't need to ask forgiveness for any past, present, or future sins? Stephanie asks how she can be loving and kind to family members who are not loving and unkind? Howard called to ask how to distinguish between prompting from the Holy Spirit or if it is just a legalistic response? How do you know? James asks how to know if we are walking in our own strength or walking in faith in the Spirit? Maria asks if tithing is for today ... this is a question we hear quite often.

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Categories: Salvation Forgiveness/Repentance Love Christian Living Faith Money/Giving

Daryl called to ask if there is a difference in the resurrected body whether it was cremated or buried. Jane asks about whether we need to ask forgiveness when we sin. Shouldn't believers just confess sin instead of asking forgiveness? Jeremy if repentance is simply turning from a single sin or totally changing our minds about God? Teresa asks where tithes and fasting fall within the New Covenant?

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Categories: Resurrection Forgiveness/Repentance Money/Giving New Covenant

Justine asks about Matthew 9:43-47 which speaks about if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. What does that really mean? David asked about estate planning. Is he obligated to leave everything to his children or is it OK to leave a portion to an animal rescue. He knows his children would be upset about it but he feels that he wants to allocate part to non-profits. Gwen asks about relationships. Does God forgive past mistakes in relationships? Clay asks about "The Lord disciplines those he loves". Does this mean that physical spanking is OK? How do we season our parenting with grace?

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Categories: Sin Money/Giving Marriage/Divorce Parenting/Children Grace

We begin this week with a tribute to Rich Andresen, Chairman of the Board of Basic Gospel, who passed away this past Sunday. He loved Basic Gospel, he loved and blessed the staff in many ways, and he was a treasured and effective leader. We will miss Rich but we rejoice that he is now in the arms of his Savior. James in Denver called to ask how to lead a friend to Christ but doesn't want to attend church. Andrew asks why so many people continue to teach "tithing" instead of New Covenant giving. Jim in Dallas is not a Christian and bases his decision on Revelation 12:9. David asks about making estate decisions; he wants to leave a portion to charity but thinks that his children would be upset.

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Categories: Testimonies/Thanks Money/Giving Salvation

Daniel asks about tithing. What place does tithing have in the New Covenant? You can give from an open heart, trusting the Lord to give you the desire to give. John asks why Jesus is called the Son of God. Isn't he the second person of the Trinity? An anonymous writer asks about guilt, regret and sorrow experienced by a caregiver who made a decision that didn't work out well. Maria asks about prayer - why do people tie answers to prayers to the quality of their faith? Our friend Myles asks about healing - he found healing for his soul in the Word of God. Our final question is about Jeremiah 31:31. If someone doesn't believe the Christian story, in a different religion. Can they be saved? The answer is summed up in two words - in Christ.

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Categories: Money/Giving Theology Christian Living New Covenant

Here's good news - when God looks down on the world, he sees two kinds of people - those who are lost and need salvation (the unrighteous) and those who are saved (the righteous). If you are a believer, you have been justified and are righteous in God's sight. Our friend, Clay, calls with a question about suicide. Does suicide negate salvation? Richard sets the record straight regarding this oft-misunderstood subject. Angela called to explain her understanding of faith. Bob shares Major Ian Thomas' insight on faith - first, it's the love of God initiated toward us, which results in our love for God, resulting in our dependence to God, resulting in obedience to God. Joe in KY asks about the New Covenant - does a Christian still have to tithe 10%? Andrew explains how New Covenant believers honor the Lord in their giving. Victor asks about "replacement" theology - believers who think they can replace Israel by keeping the Jewish customs. It's an interesting discussion. Brad in Missouri points to the verse in Matthew which speaks about "taking up the cross". Bob explains that our responsibility is simply to walk by faith.

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Categories: Righteousness/Justification Salvation Sin Love Faith Money/Giving

We begin with Tony from New York who is concerned about the new RFID chip - is it the mark of the beast? Bob and Richard address that fear. Our friend, Mary Jo, calls asking about "the man of lawlessness" in the Bible. Is the man helping Satan or is he Satan? Andrew and Richard have interesting insight into anti-Christ. Marie called expressing concern about her new church - they seem to be inordinately focused on Satan, Lucifer, and sin instead of talking about the love of Christ. Andrew encourages her to focus on Christ, not the enemy. Chris from Virginia asks for discussion about the idea that God gets more strict (higher expectations) with believers as they grow. Listen and learn how to depend on the solid rock of God's love. Ken asks about Abraham and his gift of a tenth to Melchizadek. Was Melchizadek really Jesus? Thanks for listening to this edition of Basic Gospel Weekend!

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Categories: Christian Living End Times Money/Giving

Jeremy asks do we ask forgiveness for every sin in our life? Other ministries seem to say we need to keep 'short accounts' with God. There is good news - you are genuinely at peace with God. There is no in or out of fellowship. Bill is an agnostic and asks what is the original Gospel? Bill questions the gospel accounts. He's asking for proof that Jesus Christ is God. Richard does a great job of communicating with Bill. Veronica asks about tithing. She and her husband send support to his family members in the Dominican Republic. Is she still required to tithe? The New Covenant calls us to the "grace of giving". It is all about walking by faith and following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Earnest asks about the names of Jesus. Hebrews called him Yeshua. How did the name Jesus come about? Marcus asks for clarification on the judgment seat of Christ. If our sins have all been forgiven why would we have to come to the judgment seat? Andrew gives great clarification on this issue. You will be encouraged by his answer and will look at the judgment seat in a different way! Thanks for joining us!

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Categories: Forgiveness/Repentance Apologetics Money/Giving Jesus Christ

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