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Weekend Edition

Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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Category: Parenting/Children

Justine asks about Matthew 9:43-47 which speaks about if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. What does that really mean? David asked about estate planning. Is he obligated to leave everything to his children or is it OK to leave a portion to an animal rescue. He knows his children would be upset about it but he feels that he wants to allocate part to non-profits. Gwen asks about relationships. Does God forgive past mistakes in relationships? Clay asks about "The Lord disciplines those he loves". Does this mean that physical spanking is OK? How do we season our parenting with grace?

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Categories: Sin Money/Giving Marriage/Divorce Parenting/Children Grace

Karen in Texas called to express her opinion that not everyone who hears about grace responds to it, whether it's the grace of God or grace extended to one another. None of us are ready to receive the grace of God until we are "humbled". Paul asked for help regarding his son, who has proclaimed himself to be an atheist. His son was once a confessing Christian but due to circumstances has now turned away. Eric has an interesting question about end times. Bob gives a thorough explanation of what we know about end times. Dennis asks if our sins will be judged at the Great Throne? The answer is good news for those who believe!

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Categories: Grace Parenting/Children End Times

This week we take on some "real life" questions. Our first call is from Linda. Her daughter passed away and Linda is wondering if her daughter is now in the presence of the Lord or experiencing what some call "soul sleep". Richard contacts us about predestination and election. This often misunderstood topic really should be a source of great gratitude for believers. Mary's husband died at his own hand and her step-children have pulled away from her. How does she restore the relationship? James is troubled about the Holocaust. How could God allow the execution of thousands? Billy has been divorced for 12 years. He is lonely and hurting. Is it wrong for him to pray for a new mate? What does the Bible say about it? Thanks for joining us on this week's edition of Basic Gospel Weekend!

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Categories: Death Marriage/Divorce Parenting/Children

"Let the little children come unto Me." Rose called to asks about sharing the Gospel with children. Bob encourages her to keep sharing the Good News with them. An email question from Fidela about whether to take radiation and chemotherapy. A friend has said that taking treatment is a lack of faith in God. Bob encourages her to seek what the Lord would have her do, rather than the influence of friends. Bob takes a few minutes to share our vision for Basic Gospel for the next 3 years. Everything we do is to let people know that, in Christ, they can be fully alive and can fully trust in Him. Join with us and help spread the word about Jesus Christ to people who need to hear it! Visit to join the Basic Gospel team. The world is in turmoil and is full of darkness. Only the Gospel can clear the confusion and dispel the darkness. Join with us to share the light of the World - Jesus Christ! Ron asks an important question, how was Jesus tempted, yet perfect? Bob explains that because Jesus was tempted in every way, we can go to Him in our own temptation, knowing He knows how you feel and you can trust Him to lead you through your situation. We end with John's call wondering how to minister to a friend's son who believes that if you do not observe the "Sabbath", then you are not saved.

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Categories: Parenting/Children Christian Living Jesus Christ

We begin this week's edition with an important question from Mia. Please tell me if we can or cannot lose salvation. Bob Christopher gives a complete explanation of what salvation is - the very life of Christ. Once we understand that salvation is so much more than simply a golden yicket into Heaven, our lives are transformed. Alicia is concerned about her children - is there an age of accountability for children to accept or reject Christ? How is a parent to lead their children into a knowledge of Christ? Don asks for clarification about the rewards in Heaven. Is there a hierarchy in Heaven based on the works we did or did not do? We end this week with a question from Sharon about the often-controversial subject of tongues. Bob explains that the focus of Christianity should be Jesus. Signs and wonders do not save - only Jesus and His finished work provided eternal salvation. Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of faith. Join us next week for another edition of Basic Gospel Weekend!

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Categories: Salvation Parenting/Children Heaven Love

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