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Weekend Edition

Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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Category: Resurrection

Bob begins this edition with a discussion on anxiety and depression. What we think controls how we feel. Let the truth of God's love and grace change how you think and you will see a change in how you feel. Self-pity makes us vulnerable to the things of the world. There is a path to peace and it rests in the person of Jesus Christ. Edson asks for clarification on 1 Corinthians 15:29, the great resurrection chapter. Is there a baptism on behalf of the dead? Esha asks how to know if what I am thinking is an answer from God or just my human thoughts? Ken from Georgia asks about the book of James. Is James 4:8 speaking to believers or unbelievers? The key is to realize that the word "sinner" is not used for a child of God. Believers are called "saints".

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Categories: Emotions/Depression Resurrection Christian Living Righteousness/Justification

Daryl called to ask if there is a difference in the resurrected body whether it was cremated or buried. Jane asks about whether we need to ask forgiveness when we sin. Shouldn't believers just confess sin instead of asking forgiveness? Jeremy if repentance is simply turning from a single sin or totally changing our minds about God? Teresa asks where tithes and fasting fall within the New Covenant?

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Categories: Resurrection Forgiveness/Repentance Money/Giving New Covenant

This edition of Basic Gospel Weekend celebrates the Resurrection of Christ Jesus. Without the resurrection, there is no life for the believer. Jesus was raised from the dead and therefore was able to restore us to life eternal. Matt called to ask about judgment. Will believers be required to give an account for our lives? Patty in Denver asks how we keep the joy of our salvation when troubles come our way. It is hard to keep our focus on Jesus when we are in the midst of trouble. Eula Lee asks about the Lord's Prayer. Should it be recited in church service? What is the proper way to look at this prayer?

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Categories: Resurrection Jesus Christ Forgiveness/Repentance Prayer

This is a special Good Friday edition of Basic Gospel. The most significant event of human history is the Christ Event - the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The lead chapter of this good news story starts with death - through his sacrifice we are set free from sin and death. This event opened the door to new life for us. We take a deep look at this most important event and explore why it is good news! The victory cry of Jesus is summed up in three simple yet profound words - it is finished. From all of us at Basic Gospel, Happy Easter! Shout it from the rooftop - He is risen!

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Categories: Resurrection Jesus Christ Hope Salvation

We begin this week with an interesting question from Kirk. Why is there no record of the Pharisees denying the resurrection? Andrew points Kirk to Josephus, a Jewish historian, who certainly didn't deny Christ, his crucifixion, or his resurrection. Evelyn called to ask how to respond to a family member if they smoke marijuana. Bob explains that we should help them learn to trust the Lord. James is concerned about how we will combat ISIS. It's a complicated issue but, as believers, we can pray for our leaders, for the leaders in the world, that they will understand the times and will rely on God for wisdom. Lulu asks a simple question - do we need to ask for forgiveness every day? The answer is a resounding "no"! Listen as Bob takes her to the scriptures to explain why. Steve asks for an explanation why God required sacrifices before Christ. Everything in the Old Covenant points to Jesus. Sacrifices taught the people that the shedding of blood was required for forgiveness. Jesus was the ultimate, complete sacrifice. Louise asks a question regarding leaving her current church - should she tell her church that she is leaving? Bob advises her to rely on the Lord's leading. We end with a comment from Theresa - amid today's confusion, when people say "where are we going to go? Where can we hide?" we can confidently tell them about Jesus. This is a perfect time to be a voice for the Good News!

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Categories: Resurrection Relationship Forgiveness/Repentance Apologetics

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