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Weekend Edition

Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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Category: Righteousness/Justification

Bob begins this edition with a discussion on anxiety and depression. What we think controls how we feel. Let the truth of God's love and grace change how you think and you will see a change in how you feel. Self-pity makes us vulnerable to the things of the world. There is a path to peace and it rests in the person of Jesus Christ. Edson asks for clarification on 1 Corinthians 15:29, the great resurrection chapter. Is there a baptism on behalf of the dead? Esha asks how to know if what I am thinking is an answer from God or just my human thoughts? Ken from Georgia asks about the book of James. Is James 4:8 speaking to believers or unbelievers? The key is to realize that the word "sinner" is not used for a child of God. Believers are called "saints".

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Categories: Emotions/Depression Resurrection Christian Living Righteousness/Justification

Marcus asks about sanctification. Are we sanctified at salvation or is it a progressive sanctification? Ryan in Alberta, Canada called to ask what are some things he can expect as he faces a terminal illness. What insights can you share about Heaven? We ask that our listeners continue to pray for Ryan and his family as they journey through this illness. Charles in Ohio asks about 1 Corinthians 3:14-15. What are the rewards we receive in Heaven? Greg asks about backsliding. If a believer willfully sins after salvation, what happens? The good news is that if you are truly saved, you remain truly saved for eternity. Ken asks about our identity - are we sinners or saints? We are saints by calling, we have a new identity, and we will begin to see that identity transform how we think and act.

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Categories: Righteousness/Justification Heaven Salvation Identity/Self Image

Ray in San Francisco asks why most gospel teachers complicate the message. They seem to always add works to the mix. Why don't they teach 'saved by grace, through faith'? Bob Davis brings up a recent article reporting that in England doctors are encouraged to call mothers 'pregnant people' in order to avoid offending transgender people. Samuel asks about Romans 10:9, "because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." Is this a test for others to gauge someone's condition, or a test to examine ourselves? Mitch asks about "the just will live by faith, not by sight". Is that speaking to looking for signs from God or is it speaking about the meaning of faith?

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Categories: Grace Christian Living Salvation Righteousness/Justification Faith

Here's good news - when God looks down on the world, he sees two kinds of people - those who are lost and need salvation (the unrighteous) and those who are saved (the righteous). If you are a believer, you have been justified and are righteous in God's sight. Our friend, Clay, calls with a question about suicide. Does suicide negate salvation? Richard sets the record straight regarding this oft-misunderstood subject. Angela called to explain her understanding of faith. Bob shares Major Ian Thomas' insight on faith - first, it's the love of God initiated toward us, which results in our love for God, resulting in our dependence to God, resulting in obedience to God. Joe in KY asks about the New Covenant - does a Christian still have to tithe 10%? Andrew explains how New Covenant believers honor the Lord in their giving. Victor asks about "replacement" theology - believers who think they can replace Israel by keeping the Jewish customs. It's an interesting discussion. Brad in Missouri points to the verse in Matthew which speaks about "taking up the cross". Bob explains that our responsibility is simply to walk by faith.

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Categories: Righteousness/Justification Salvation Sin Love Faith Money/Giving

Curtis called with his story - when he joined the service, he was told he could never be saved because of the first commandment. This damage followed him for years. Then he started listening to Basic Gospel and found the truth and is now walking in the love of God. His life changed dramatically. This is a powerful testimony and one that we should all hear. Lorraine called to express her understanding of holiness and to thank us for the truth she hears on the broadcast. Miles called to share his realization that he doesn't have to argue and coerce people regarding his belief. God will reveal God. He asks how to handle political views with people he knows will be against his view. Andrew gives great insight. Jan called to express her opinion that there is a difference between forgiveness and consequences. Bob points out that God doesn't send the consequences - that's built in to the sin itself. Lucy asks about Revelation 3:19 - does God rebuke and discipline? Bob calls this a "very positive statement". Listen and find out why. Allen's question is about Matthew 12. Is speaking against the Holy Spirit the unpardonable sin?

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Categories: Testimonies/Thanks Righteousness/Justification Forgiveness/Repentance Holy Spirit

Dale kicks off this broadcast asking about the apparent conflict in scripture regarding temptation. Does God tempt us or does it come through Satan? It's an interesting question and Bob clarifies what might be seen as conflict. Jay asks a life question - his daughter has accumulated a large student loan debt. Is God disappointed with her? Jose' in Florida called with an emotional and honest situation. He fears God and fears that God does not love him. Bob gives hope, encouragement, and clarity to Jose's fears. The fear of God will be pushed out by the love of God once we truly understand what Jesus did on our behalf is the key. This is a powerful call and one that will resonate to all who hear. William reminds us that the key to behavior issues is by focusing on Jesus, not our behaviors. Richard expands on that thought.

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Categories: Christian Living Forgiveness/Repentance Righteousness/Justification

Tony calls with his struggle with what it means to be holy. Bob explains sanctification to help Tony understand what it means to be set apart, made holy, from the world. Holy looks a lot like love! Bob points him to Hebrews 10:10 as a key verse. Opal asks about punishment. Does God punish us when we sin? Bob shares the good news - Jesus took the punishment for sins. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 speaks loud and clear on this issue. Bob encourages her to think "bigger" than seeing God's training as some kind of punishment. Ray calls to encourage Basic Gospel to continue the ministry of teaching the New Covenant. He is a long-time listener and makes the point that the message we proclaim has remained unchanged. Bob makes this statement: Faith trusts. When faith trusts, faith rests. Jane asks if the reason God leaves Christians on earth only to reach others for Christ. Bob looks at our purpose in daily life. It's all about relationship.

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Categories: Righteousness/Justification Forgiveness/Repentance Faith

We are discussing sanctification this month. God only sees two types of people - righteous and unrighteous. If you are a believer, you are righteous in God's eyes! Even if you stumble, your identity remains "righteous". That's some great news! Kendrick asks why he still has trouble controlling his thought life. Andrew encourages Kendrick that he is not alone - all believers experience this at one time or another. It's important to remember that you are not defined by your thoughts. Erica asks if believing that you must be baptized to be saved is wrong? Bob and Richard respond with the clarity of the gospel - the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Alison called with concern about the current situation with transgender restrooms. If we are Christians, shouldn't we show love instead of protest? What are we called to do?

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Categories: Christian Living Righteousness/Justification

Valerie called from New York asking about speaking in tongues. Her church teaches that it is evidence of being baptized in the spirit. Andrew & Bob address this often misunderstood subject. Vincent asks if God's love is different for believers than it is for non-believers? There's good news in the answer! Frank called with comments about justification. Bob disagrees with Frank's viewpoint and shares his insight. It's an important subject to consider. An anonymous email asks for definition of the conscience - what is it? Bob talks about the moral compass that resides in all of us. We address another email question asking if God calls only some people or only those who have responded to the Gospel. This is a question that troubles a lot of people - listen as Bob responds with the good news! Thanks for joining us!

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Categories: Holy Spirit Love Righteousness/Justification Salvation

We have 4 very interesting questions in this week's edition. Anthony asks about divine healing. Is it available to believers and how do we acquire it? Dan called to get our position on Judaism. Is it a faith of salvation? Richard's answer clarifies that salvation is only through Jesus, not the Mosaic Covenant. It's a fascinating conversation. Teresa asks about the Word of God. Is it essential to read it daily? Bob explains that reading the Word of God is a privilege, not a duty. A heart of faith will not feel obligation but a desire to learn more about Jesus. Finally, Stephen tells us he is feeling `beat up' by his pastor. His question is, "Isn't the pastor's role to feed the sheep, not beat them up?". We pray you find these questions interesting and that they help you in your daily life! See you next week!

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Categories: Salvation Bible Righteousness/Justification

This week we meet Calvin who is experiencing anxiety because of his fear of death. He describes himself as "like a tornado - all twisted up". Next, Allen calls with a heartfelt grief and concern for all the children who have died, whether by abortion or other causes. He wonders if they have eternal life. Steve asks about the judgment seat of Christ - if all our sins are forgiven, why is there a judgment seat? We end this edition with Linn who wants to know the true difference between a believer and a non-believer. Hint - it's a matter of the heart! Enjoy this edition of Basic Gospel Weekend!

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Categories: Death Righteousness/Justification Faith

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