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Weekend Edition

Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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Category: Sin

Daniel chapter 9 is one of the most exciting prophecies that found it's fulfillment in the coming of Christ Jesus. Listen as Bob explains why we can look forward to Christ's return. If you find yourself experiencing hopelessness and despair and if the holiday season only magnifies those feelings, then please consider our CD series, The Breakout. You'll find thanksgiving, faith, and love waiting for you. Betty asked if Christians be judged by God for sins they've done on earth. There's good news in the answer! Kay in Texas asks why God decided to change his covenant from Old to New. Did He make a mistake or was it His plan from the beginning? We pray the rich blessing of love, grace, and life during this most joyous time of the year. Keep your eyes on Jesus!

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Categories: End Times Emotions/Depression Sin Salvation Hope

Jeff in Texas asks if there is a right way to pray for healing for his son, Jack. What should his expectation be as an answer to his request for healing? Wendy in Oregon asks "What do I do when I've blown it big-time with God."? A Google search did not bring much comfort. The question should be "What does God do when I sin?" He reminds us of the forgiveness we have because of Christ Jesus. Corey asks about conviction vs. condemnation. Being constantly attacked by evil sometimes causes doubt. How does a believer respond? Rick from California asks if not accepting the Lord the only reason someone wouldn't get into Heaven?

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Categories: God's Will Prayer Sin Jesus Christ Forgiveness/Repentance

Raven asked why Abel's offering was accepted and Cain's wasn't. Was it a matter of priority of the two? Mike is frustrated when he tries to share the Gospel on various social media outlets. He often is attacked. Should he continue to try? Anthony asks if people without spiritual ears can understand the Word of God. How important is it that the unsaved see themselves in the mirror of the law? Ryan asks about the Simon the Sorcerer story. The story says that he believed and was baptized. Was he saved or just "playing the part"?

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Categories: Faith Christian Living Sin Salvation

Our prayer for you is that you would move through the Thanksgiving and Christmas season with a thankful heart. We begin with 2 Thessalonians 2:1, 2 regarding end times. The Word of God is clear - no one knows the day Christ will return. Those of us who have been sealed to Christ can eagerly look forward to that day, whenever it is. Cory asks about Hebrews 12:1. What is he referring to - individual sin or the sin of belief? David asks for the meaning of 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17. What is the meaning of God destroying the person who destroys the temple?

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Categories: End Times Sin Faith Bible

Are recent events fulfillment of prophecies in the Bible? Most prophecy speculation is rooted is fear. In Christ, we can look forward to security, confidence, blessing and hope in the future. Carl asks about capital punishment. Does the Bible speak to that? Kristin asks about church discipline. She is concerned that a church "kicked out" a member for sexual immorality. What makes that sin worse than any other? Don't we all sin and isn't the church to reach out to them in love? Bob addresses a common question we receive: What is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? If you are a believer, there is good news in the answer!

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Categories: End Times Hope Christian Living Sin Holy Spirit

Our first caller asks about her marriage. After 54 years of marriage, her husband wants a divorce. He is in early stages of dementia and she doesn't know what to do. Mike emailed us with a question about how to minister and show compassion and love to the people he encounters in his job as a policeman. The job and his faith seem contradictory at times. Jan asked about the teaching he heard about power in a woman's long hair. Deron asks about Jesus' taking our sins at the cross. Is that why Jesus cried out "Why have you forsaken me?" Did the spirit of God temporarily leave him? Tom is coming out of self-imposed legalism. The New Covenant seems too simple. What's the catch?

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Categories: Marriage/Divorce Grace Sin Jesus Christ New Covenant

Kristin has heard teaching that our sins separate us from God, and that's what is causing her anxiety. Do our sins really separate us? Understanding what has happened to our sins is the key truth to experiencing life as God intends. Brad asks if Paul is talking as a believer or unbeliever in Romans 7? Is he speaking of his life as a believer who still struggles? Samuel connected through YouTube to ask about hell - is it a real place? How does judgment pertain to who is sent to hell and who isn't? Revelation reveals wonderful truth! Myles in Calgary asks if Jesus said anything about going to a minister, vicar, pastor for direction in the Bible or is the Holy Spirit the source of our discernment? Samuel is concerned about maintaining an attitude of appreciation toward others. Why is it so hard to be an encourager sometimes? The warning is to not make being appreciative a "work". William in California comments on our being a new creation in Christ. Adam and Eve had the choice to leave and never come back; our choice is to come back and never leave.

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Categories: Sin Salvation Hell Holy Spirit Faith

We received an impassioned email with the subject line "Crisis in Faith". Bob and Richard give solid, clear answers to the writer of this email. This is an important conversation. Robbie in New York asks if a believer is committing a sin when he dies, does he lose his salvation? What about a believer who commits suicide? A caller fears that he has blasphemed the Holy Spirit and feels overwhelming guilt. Is it possible for him to ever be saved again? Can a Christian even commit blasphemy against the Spirit? Or is it only done by unbelievers?

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Categories: Faith Sin Salvation Holy Spirit

Justine asks about Matthew 9:43-47 which speaks about if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. What does that really mean? David asked about estate planning. Is he obligated to leave everything to his children or is it OK to leave a portion to an animal rescue. He knows his children would be upset about it but he feels that he wants to allocate part to non-profits. Gwen asks about relationships. Does God forgive past mistakes in relationships? Clay asks about "The Lord disciplines those he loves". Does this mean that physical spanking is OK? How do we season our parenting with grace?

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Categories: Sin Money/Giving Marriage/Divorce Parenting/Children Grace

We begin with an email from Gloria, who is confused about Proverbs 26:4 and 26:5 which seem to be contradictory. A call from Daniel prompts discussion about the Holy Spirit and the unforgivable sin. Nate asks about the kingdom of God and the Lord's prayer. Is it a prayer for today? Paul from North Carolina asks about 1 John 5 - what is the sin unto death? Lucy asks about 2 Corinthians 7:1. How do we cleanse ourselves? Is there a sin of the spirit and a sin of the flesh? Stephanie asks what the Bible says about women being preachers and how can she escape the addiction of gambling?

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Categories: Bible Prayer Sin Christian Living

Mark asks if sin breaks our fellowship with God. Does it also break our relationship? Bob explains what it means to be "in the light". Donna asks why her aunt, who has been a servant of God her whole life, is now having mental issues. Is she now out of the reach of God? Bob encourages her in ways to help. Dave asks why grace teachers seem to always gravitate beyond the message of grace. Bob addresses universalism and trinitarianism. Jose' asks if Jesus is God's grace to us? Bob and Richard agree wholeheartedly! You cannot separate Jesus and God's grace. Jesus is the one who is full of grace and truth. The grace of God is not a thing-it is the person of Jesus Christ.

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Categories: Sin Christian Living Emotions/Depression Grace

This Labor Day weekend edition begins with Mike who asks why would God create Satan, knowing that he would turn evil. Does that mean God actually created sin? Richard enters into a fascinating discussion on this topic as it pertains to the freedom of choice. Donna asks what God's reaction is to our sins? Bob cautions against basing God's reaction on how we react to sin. This answer is a wonderful assurance of God's love for us. Kevin asks why God continues to cause affliction in his life. Kevin feels that God is directly bringing pain and affliction. If God loves him, why does He allow this kind of pain? This is a powerful call as Bob leads Kevin to focus on what we know about God. Richard answers Eulalie's question about Luke 16:1-14 - why would we commend the shrewd manager? It's a fascinating look at the way Jesus dealt with the Pharisees.

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Categories: Sin Salvation Love

Chris asks what we need to do to overcome sin. Is it a matter of keeping our eyes on Jesus or focusing on the sin. Ryan's question is about our frequent phrase, first faith then change. Now facing terminal brain cancer, he has a newfound awareness of how important his relationship is with Christ. Is it normal that we believe first and then we see a change in behavior? Perry asks about Romans 8:15. Hearing that we are adopted as sons made a huge difference in his life. Aaron shared his take on being free in Christ. Instead of striving to be a people-pleaser he is able to rest in the acceptance of God. John 15 was the scripture that resonated with his heart and allowed him to truly abide in Christ.

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Categories: Sin Faith Christian Living

Jerome asks what grieving the Holy Spirit means. We all sin, so is the Holy Spirit in a constant state of grief? Chris asks how the Gospel frees us from the opinion of others. Bob responds with a passage from Galatians. You can live freely as a child of God, unconcerned about the opinion of others. Lorraine shares her understanding of holiness... love, joy, long-suffering, peace, kindness, showing the love of God in daily life. Bob shares how her insight fits into our by-line - hear it, believe it, and live it. Terry asks if categorizing a sin puts us under the law. If the unpardonable sin is unbelief, then what do I call behaviors that we typically call sins? Bob ends with an encouraging email from Paul.

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Categories: Holy Spirit Faith Love Sin

Roland asks how he can learn to love God more fully. What a perfect question! Sandy emailed confused about 1 John 5:16. What is the sin unto death? Clay wonders how to talk to his friend who believes there is a way to lose salvation? Lisa asks about Romans 11:17. If branches can be broken off, doesn't that seem to imply we can lose our salvation? Chris asks about how to avoid sin... what is it about keeping our eyes on Jesus that allows us to overcome sin?

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Categories: Love Christian Living Sin Salvation

Michael asks about Paul's admonition in Romans 13:1-2 to be subject to the government authorities. How does that apply to today's troubles? Eileen Mason joins us to share exciting information about our upcoming trip to Israel. We would love for YOU to join us! Neil calls seeking help with his marriage asking how to apply "love keeps no record of wrongs" in his situation. Clay asks for clarification of 1 Corinthians 3:17. Based on this scripture, is suicide the unpardonable sin? Listen to Bob and Richards insight into this question.

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Categories: Love Marriage/Divorce Sin

Here's good news - when God looks down on the world, he sees two kinds of people - those who are lost and need salvation (the unrighteous) and those who are saved (the righteous). If you are a believer, you have been justified and are righteous in God's sight. Our friend, Clay, calls with a question about suicide. Does suicide negate salvation? Richard sets the record straight regarding this oft-misunderstood subject. Angela called to explain her understanding of faith. Bob shares Major Ian Thomas' insight on faith - first, it's the love of God initiated toward us, which results in our love for God, resulting in our dependence to God, resulting in obedience to God. Joe in KY asks about the New Covenant - does a Christian still have to tithe 10%? Andrew explains how New Covenant believers honor the Lord in their giving. Victor asks about "replacement" theology - believers who think they can replace Israel by keeping the Jewish customs. It's an interesting discussion. Brad in Missouri points to the verse in Matthew which speaks about "taking up the cross". Bob explains that our responsibility is simply to walk by faith.

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Categories: Righteousness/Justification Salvation Sin Love Faith Money/Giving

On this Weekend Edition, Craig shares what he's learned about overcoming sin. Denise calls concerned about her salvation and "drives the stake" of assurance once and for all. And Steve wants to know whether the Law was for just the Israelites or for the Gentiles too.

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Categories: Sin Salvation Law

Kenneth asks a great question to kick off this edition. What is the truth about post-baptismal sin? Richard discusses this in great detail. Richard says "The things I do wrong no longer have eternal consequence because the one thing I did right - choose Jesus. Marianne called to encourage others to take advantage of the Basic Gospel app. Valerie asks for clarification of something Richard said about witnessing to people in his own strength (selfish motives) versus following the leading of the Spirit. Mike called to share his testimony about when the grace of God really came true for him. He says, "Finally, I am trusting the Lord Jesus and am truly resting in Him". Nicole asks about addiction within marriage - how do you rebuild trust after the damage of addiction? Finally, we answer an email question regarding a passage in James which seems to say we must confess our sins. The passage is really talking about reconciliation within relationships, community, and local fellowships. Thanks for joining us!

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Categories: Sin Salvation Marriage/Divorce

Jay asks if "equally yoked" only pertains to spouses or does it also apply to friendships and business relationships. Stephanie called asking how to respond to a believer friend who is into pornography. This is a huge problem in the world today. The attitude is that sex is no big deal and there seems to be no sacredness within the sexual relationship. Bob discusses the natural consequences of sin as it pertains to pornography. Calvin calls for clarification about salvation. He knows he is saved but questions why he keeps turning back to sins. Does that mean his salvation isn't real? Marianne contacted us asking for an explanation of "God's glory" in the Old Testament. Bob explains Moses' experience with the glory of God. Richard points us to the fullness of Christ's work - we now have the glory of God living in us! That's a powerful truth to take in! Mary Jo wants to know which Bible passage really explains the New Covenant. The answer is Hebrews 8:10-12!

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Categories: Sin Salvation New Covenant

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