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Weekend Edition

Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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Margie encouraged all of us by letting us know how the clear teaching of forgiveness and eternal security has changed her life. She was able to finally "Drive the Stake" and know that she is saved for eternity. Jim asks about the phrase "work out your salvation" in Philippians 2. The meaning is to work "out" what God has worked "in" you. Derron asks about the scripture, Acts 3:19. Many use it as a warning that you can lose your salvation, be out of fellowship with God, and that you must repent over and over. Kim's husband, who used to be a pastor, is divorcing her. He has turned violent and completely changed. Is he still saved?

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Categories: Forgiveness/Repentance Salvation Marriage/Divorce

Romans 3:31 is often misunderstood. Many are confused because of the phrase we should "uphold the law". What does that mean in light of the New Covenant? Our good friend Ryan in Canada asks about hyper-grace. What does that mean and what is the true nature of the grace of God? Bob answers the critics of Gods grace. Maria thanks us for teaching Christ and Christ alone. Her comment was a great encouragement to us and led to a great discussion with Andrew and Bob regarding prophecy. The story about Jesus is good news from beginning to end! It doesn't get any better than that!

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Categories: New Covenant Grace Jesus Christ End Times

Raven asked why Abel's offering was accepted and Cain's wasn't. Was it a matter of priority of the two? Mike is frustrated when he tries to share the Gospel on various social media outlets. He often is attacked. Should he continue to try? Anthony asks if people without spiritual ears can understand the Word of God. How important is it that the unsaved see themselves in the mirror of the law? Ryan asks about the Simon the Sorcerer story. The story says that he believed and was baptized. Was he saved or just "playing the part"?

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Categories: Faith Christian Living Sin Salvation

Our prayer for you is that you would move through the Thanksgiving and Christmas season with a thankful heart. We begin with 2 Thessalonians 2:1, 2 regarding end times. The Word of God is clear - no one knows the day Christ will return. Those of us who have been sealed to Christ can eagerly look forward to that day, whenever it is. Cory asks about Hebrews 12:1. What is he referring to - individual sin or the sin of belief? David asks for the meaning of 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17. What is the meaning of God destroying the person who destroys the temple?

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Categories: End Times Sin Faith Bible

What does being filled with the Spirit mean? Bob explains the hard passage in Ephesians 5:18. Kate in British Columbia asked about the rapture. Will believers be raptured before the tribulation occurs? And will our entire lives be shown on a heavenly "movie screen" when we stand before God? Don shares that his daughter's friend made a profession of faith when they took her to church but now is saying that she is an atheist. Don's daughter wants to know how to help her friend. Was her salvation real? Al asks about Revelations chapter 3, where the church is described as "neither hot nor cold." What does that mean? Joe from DFW asks what can we do for the Christians who are being persecuted by Isis. The numbers are staggering. Is it enough to simply pray for them?

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Categories: Holy Spirit End Times Faith Salvation Christian Living

Does the book of James contradict other New Testament writers? Bob explains that James does not contradict at all. It's all about context! Mark asked if there is any scripture that supports the idea that a Christian can be demon-possessed? This question led to an interesting discussion about forgiveness. Gord in Canada called to ask about Kingdom theology. It's a viewpoint regarding end-times. Ed asks an awesome question: What is the finished work of Christ? The answer is life-changing.

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Categories: New Covenant Forgiveness/Repentance Apologetics Jesus Christ

The entire Word of God revolves around Jesus. Our salvation, assurance, and hope rests on his shoulders. If he hadn't completed his work, we would have no hope. With Jesus, we have everything. These 5 truths ignite a reformation in hearts today just as it did 500 years ago in the Protestant Reformation: Scripture alone, grace alone, faith alone, Jesus alone, for the glory of God alone. These are the things that people struggle with. Mark asks if there is any scripture that remotely supports the idea that a Christian can be demon-possessed? When we sin, are we responsible to repent and turn to the Lord? Joel asks about prophecy. Are the recent hurricanes, fires, and terrorism signs of the end times? Is Revelation a road map for what will actually happen? The truth is that we can be a part of God's great rescue mission today and every day until the Lord comes back.

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Categories: Jesus Christ Salvation Christian Living

Bob and Richard address another "hard passage" - Hebrews 10:26-29. This passage states "it is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." Sab in England asks about Revelation 2:4. Does this only apply to the seven churches or is it for us - that God has something against us? Lois is a Christian working in a secular business. She has witnessed her boss stealing from the business. What should she do? Vicky in Denver asks about the tree of knowledge - is that when evil came into the world. Why did God create the tree? Does that mean he created evil? Shawn encourages all believers that if they are in Christ, there's nothing to be afraid of. In Christ, we have assurance and peace.

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Categories: Hard Passages Christian Living Faith Hope

Ryan in Canada asks about the battle of Armageddon. Is it a physical battle or a spiritual battle? Richard answers with great detail and paints a great picture of this battle. Tabitha called to ask about marriage. Her husband has recently become a believer. There are things about God that they still have trouble agreeing on. Bob shares the gospel with Tabitha so that she can share it with her husband. Gord asks about about eternal security, specifically Hebrews 6:4-11. Barbara is a new believer. She wants to be able to share the gospel with her friends who are not believers.

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Categories: End Times Marriage Salvation Christian Living

Bob, Bob and Richard discuss the horrifying event in Las Vegas. What goes on in someone's mind that brings a person to commit such heinous acts? It is pure evil. Our hearts go out to the victims and those who love them. The trauma of this will manifest in many different ways. We pray that they would turn to the Word of God for answers. Kristin asks about how 1 Corinthians 1:1-5 should be applied today. Bob and Richard explain the hard passage of Hebrews 10:26-29. What is the "fearful expectation of judgment"? Is this passage true for believers? An email question asks about Adam and Eve - did they really die spiritually? Did anyone in the Old Testament go to Heaven? Abraham believed what God revealed to him and God credited it to him as righteousness. All are saved by grace, through Christ-whether under the Old Covenant or the New Covenant.

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Categories: Hope Christian Living Hard Passages Salvation Old Covenant

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