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Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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Are the 10 Commandments still in effect? That was Barry's question and one we often receive. The law serves a function but it is not a guide for the believer. Andrew gives a complete explanation on this topic. Cynthia asks about the proper response for issues like the current transgender restroom controversy. Bob warns to keep your focus on Jesus not on "issues". These issues are a matter of truth vs. error. Cynthia had a "light bulb" moment - maybe you will too! Dwight called with an assertion that didn't line up with scripture. Is there a job we have to do to guarantee our place in Heaven? Bob answer is loud and clear - salvation is a gift of God. Period. Our friend William calls to remind us that we are to keep our eyes on Jesus. Behavioral change is only possible by walking by faith in Jesus Christ. Kelly shares his struggle with alcohol. This addiction is stealing his peace and he lives in shame and guilt. This heart-wrenching call will resonate with your heart. Andrew gives insight with compassion, truth, and hope.

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We are discussing sanctification this month. God only sees two types of people - righteous and unrighteous. If you are a believer, you are righteous in God's eyes! Even if you stumble, your identity remains "righteous". That's some great news! Kendrick asks why he still has trouble controlling his thought life. Andrew encourages Kendrick that he is not alone - all believers experience this at one time or another. It's important to remember that you are not defined by your thoughts. Erica asks if believing that you must be baptized to be saved is wrong? Bob and Richard respond with the clarity of the gospel - the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Alison called with concern about the current situation with transgender restrooms. If we are Christians, shouldn't we show love instead of protest? What are we called to do?

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Memorial Day is a U.S. holiday observed on the last Monday of May honoring the men and women who have died while serving in the U.S. military. It originated, first called Decoration Day, sometime after the Civil War, and only after 1971 did it become an official Federal holiday. We honor those who have forfeited their lives in battle and service to our country and pray for the day when no more are maimed or die in the wars of man.

This week we address issues on retail store boycotts over transgender restrooms, teaching and talk about fresh anointing from God, prayers by the Basic Gospel staff for our listeners and donors, and how to draw someone out of an Old Covenant mindset and into the New Covenant.

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We begin with William who points us to the Word of God that no one will be justified by observance of the law. Galatians says that those who rely on the law have fallen away from grace and are alienated from Christ. We cannot justify ourselves by obedience to the law. Steve is concerned that his church teaches a mixed message about salvation - that you must keep yourself saved through works. Bob encourages him to find a church who focuses on the person and work of Christ Jesus. Francisco wants to know why the church doesn't stand up to those who are offended by the cross. Bob discusses how the church has become anemic in today's world. Our friend, Frank, called to disagree with us regarding obedience. We appreciate Frank's passion; however, we don't agree with his opinions. Bob handles Frank's call with grace and supporting scripture. It's always an interesting conversation when Frank calls! Lucy asks about Galatians 6:2 - what exactly does it mean to bear one another's burden? An anonymous writer asks if God calls all people or are some not called? Bob discusses the universal call of God and the hearts who respond. Audrey's question asks about eternal security. Bob explains what salvation truly is. Once you understand this truth, you can live in assurance of your salvation.

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Howard asks what the proper Christian perspective is on alcohol consumption. Bob gives a practical, scripture-focused answer. Sam asks for clarification of Revelation 22:18. Does it mean that one can lose their salvation? Bob explains that Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ and is full of good news for the believer! We received an anonymous email asking about the tribulation. How will people be saved during the tribulation? It's an interesting question. Freddy called from New York to comment on his belief that you can lose your salvation if you are not obedient. Bob takes him straight to the grace of God for the answer. We will lose hope if we focus on "do's and don'ts" and not on the person and work of Jesus Christ. Chris asks for insight on an issue he has with fear of hurting other people. Andrew gives an encouraging answer straight from the Word of God. Tim wants to know if we are "obligated" to go to church. Bob explains that the issue is not one of obligation, but of encouragement.

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Alicia called to say thank you. She originally called over a year ago with high anxiety about her work situation. She wanted to let us know that now the grace of God is teaching her how to deal with her work issues in a whole new way. We could hear the change in her voice and we thank God for using Basic Gospel to make a difference in her life! In Alicia's words, "What an awesome God we serve!" Kathy called asking about what she calls "faith-failure". When life is full of trials, she finds herself focusing on the problem and not the Lord. Andrew gives great encouragement for Kathy and for all of us. Nelson calls to express his opinion that we are saved by grace; however, believers must work to be obedient. Bob points him to the truth that obedience is a result of the work of grace in our lives. As we continue to respond, by faith, to the finished work of Christ, we will see the fruit of that faith in our life. Annie asks for clarification on what will happen at the Rapture. Will those who are left have a chance to be saved or will it be too late? Bob and Richard both discuss this question at length. Thanks for joining us!

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Valerie called from New York asking about speaking in tongues. Her church teaches that it is evidence of being baptized in the spirit. Andrew & Bob address this often misunderstood subject. Vincent asks if God's love is different for believers than it is for non-believers? There's good news in the answer! Frank called with comments about justification. Bob disagrees with Frank's viewpoint and shares his insight. It's an important subject to consider. An anonymous email asks for definition of the conscience - what is it? Bob talks about the moral compass that resides in all of us. We address another email question asking if God calls only some people or only those who have responded to the Gospel. This is a question that troubles a lot of people - listen as Bob responds with the good news! Thanks for joining us!

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We begin with Tony from New York who is concerned about the new RFID chip - is it the mark of the beast? Bob and Richard address that fear. Our friend, Mary Jo, calls asking about "the man of lawlessness" in the Bible. Is the man helping Satan or is he Satan? Andrew and Richard have interesting insight into anti-Christ. Marie called expressing concern about her new church - they seem to be inordinately focused on Satan, Lucifer, and sin instead of talking about the love of Christ. Andrew encourages her to focus on Christ, not the enemy. Chris from Virginia asks for discussion about the idea that God gets more strict (higher expectations) with believers as they grow. Listen and learn how to depend on the solid rock of God's love. Ken asks about Abraham and his gift of a tenth to Melchizadek. Was Melchizadek really Jesus? Thanks for listening to this edition of Basic Gospel Weekend!

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On this Weekend Edition, Craig shares what he's learned about overcoming sin. Denise calls concerned about her salvation and "drives the stake" of assurance once and for all. And Steve wants to know whether the Law was for just the Israelites or for the Gentiles too.

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On this Weekend Edition, Michael asks "How do you love someone that's totally evil - like a dictator, someone obviously evil?" Mike shares his story of resting in God's love after years of struggling to find peace. Jose wonders how to deal with his mom who just told him she's marrying a woman. An emailer asks: "Is there true forgivness for the sin of pornography?" Marie just joined a new church and is concerned about their focus on Lucifer and Satan. And lastly another email question - "Can you tell me where the conscience is?"

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