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Weekend Edition

Join your host, Bob Davis, as he highlights the most interesting calls and email questions from the Basic Gospel weekday broadcast.

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We begin this week with an interesting question from Kirk. Why is there no record of the Pharisees denying the resurrection? Andrew points Kirk to Josephus, a Jewish historian, who certainly didn't deny Christ, his crucifixion, or his resurrection. Evelyn called to ask how to respond to a family member if they smoke marijuana. Bob explains that we should help them learn to trust the Lord. James is concerned about how we will combat ISIS. It's a complicated issue but, as believers, we can pray for our leaders, for the leaders in the world, that they will understand the times and will rely on God for wisdom. Lulu asks a simple question - do we need to ask for forgiveness every day? The answer is a resounding "no"! Listen as Bob takes her to the scriptures to explain why. Steve asks for an explanation why God required sacrifices before Christ. Everything in the Old Covenant points to Jesus. Sacrifices taught the people that the shedding of blood was required for forgiveness. Jesus was the ultimate, complete sacrifice. Louise asks a question regarding leaving her current church - should she tell her church that she is leaving? Bob advises her to rely on the Lord's leading. We end with a comment from Theresa - amid today's confusion, when people say "where are we going to go? Where can we hide?" we can confidently tell them about Jesus. This is a perfect time to be a voice for the Good News!

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Categories: Resurrection Relationship Forgiveness/Repentance Apologetics

We begin this week's edition with an important question from Mia. Please tell me if we can or cannot lose salvation. Bob Christopher gives a complete explanation of what salvation is - the very life of Christ. Once we understand that salvation is so much more than simply a golden yicket into Heaven, our lives are transformed. Alicia is concerned about her children - is there an age of accountability for children to accept or reject Christ? How is a parent to lead their children into a knowledge of Christ? Don asks for clarification about the rewards in Heaven. Is there a hierarchy in Heaven based on the works we did or did not do? We end this week with a question from Sharon about the often-controversial subject of tongues. Bob explains that the focus of Christianity should be Jesus. Signs and wonders do not save - only Jesus and His finished work provided eternal salvation. Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of faith. Join us next week for another edition of Basic Gospel Weekend!

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Categories: Salvation Parenting/Children Heaven Love

We address some important issues in this week's edition. First up is Martin who asks about the warning in Ephesians to not give the devil a foothold. We look to the context of scripture to answer this question and find that this passage is really an "attitude" passage and instruction to not let emotions have control over our actions. Sonia asks about adultery - can the adulterer be forgiven? Richard explains that while we have to bear the fruit of our behavior, if a believer falls into the trap of adultery, he still has the promise of redemption, the forgiveness of sins. Jose' asks for insight into how to properly study the Bible. The simple answer is `context, context, context'! Al called to find out what the "treasures in Heaven" are. Ephesians 1:3 holds the key to that question. We end with a call from Gary asking about the often misunderstood gift of tongues. Andrew and Richard explain the scriptural definition of tongues. Thanks for joining us and we pray this edition of Basic Gospel Weekend will be a benefit to you! See you next week!

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Categories: Emotions/Depression Marriage/Divorce Forgiveness/Repentance Heaven

We have 4 very interesting questions in this week's edition. Anthony asks about divine healing. Is it available to believers and how do we acquire it? Dan called to get our position on Judaism. Is it a faith of salvation? Richard's answer clarifies that salvation is only through Jesus, not the Mosaic Covenant. It's a fascinating conversation. Teresa asks about the Word of God. Is it essential to read it daily? Bob explains that reading the Word of God is a privilege, not a duty. A heart of faith will not feel obligation but a desire to learn more about Jesus. Finally, Stephen tells us he is feeling `beat up' by his pastor. His question is, "Isn't the pastor's role to feed the sheep, not beat them up?". We pray you find these questions interesting and that they help you in your daily life! See you next week!

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Categories: Salvation Bible Righteousness/Justification

Raymond asks for clarification of the Great White Throne Judgment. Revelation 20:15 holds great news for believers! Yenni is experiencing great doubt about God's promises after a bout with depression. Why is this happening? Bob encourages her to let the finished work of Christ and the revealed Word of God renew her mind. Steven feels "beat up" by his pastor....shouldn't the Body of Christ be a place of encouragement? We end this week's edition with calls from two men both named Jose' - the first is a believer but remains paralyzed by fear of letting God down. The second Jose' called to encourage him to hold on to the truth of God's love. Thanks for listening!

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Categories: End Times Emotions/Depression Hope Love

We begin this week with a question from Debbie. A woman at a bible study challenged her salvation because she doesn't speak in tongues. Bob debunks the allegation and encourages her with the true meaning of salvation. Russell is questioning his religious upbringing and asks what grace really means. An email question from a man who asks how to forgive his ex-wife for her adultery so they can have a good relationship for their children. Darrell asks if John the Baptist was not worthy to unlatch Jesus' shoes and yet the woman who anointed His feet was worthy. What makes them different? We end with Jeff's request for clarification about Hebrews 6 as it pertains to losing salvation. This is a very interesting Basic Gospel Weekend and we pray it is an encouragement to you!

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Categories: Salvation Holy Spirit Marriage/Divorce Jesus Christ Hard Passages

This edition of Basic Gospel Weekend addresses some deep, thought-provoking questions. Jess asks for clarification on Jesus coming back to bring vengeance on those who don't obey the Gospel. The answer lies in belief and faith. Sab from England asks why God killed and destroyed people in the Old Testament. Martha asks why she hears such conflicting information about sin and wonders what grace really means. Kevin is distraught about all the trials he is going through and wonders why God would allow it to happen. Bob leads Kevin to think about truth - that God loves him and sent Jesus to die for him, not to punish him. Kevin stands today as a forgiven person and can trust God. Peter emails his question about the unpardonable sin - is it rejection of Jesus in the past or a continual rejection? We pray this edition will help you more fully understand the life we have in Christ!

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Categories: Faith Old Covenant Forgiveness/Repentance

These interesting questions make up this Basic Gospel Weekend edition. Donna asks what is God's reaction to our sins. Bob explains that we are children of God, He assures our hearts that the punishment for that sin went upon Jesus, He shows us the consequence of our sin and encourages us to be reconciled to those we offended, and He continues to teach you to say "no" to sin and "yes" to Jesus. Kenny asks for clarification of the unpardonable sin. Brian's question is about passages in Revelation which seem to indicate that you can lose salvation. Bob brings Jesus front and center in his answer. John's email is about the possibility of converting from Judaism to Christianity. George expresses his appreciation for the ministry - the resources he received were the catalyst for understanding God's grace.

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Categories: Grace Sin Salvation

We address questions that are often posed to Basic Gospel in this edition. Nick challenges our position on forgiveness - doesn't God chasten His children when they sin? Don't we need to ask forgiveness? Hazel poses a question about the validity of the 10 Commandments in our life today - don't they still apply? Anthony asks, "How do I keep the joy of the Lord when I am under such stress and pressure in my workplace?" Danny received grace and mercy when he broke the law in his youth. Should he not file charges against those he apprehends in his current job as a security guard? Bob clarifies our position on these issues and gives Anthony and Danny practical, powerful encouragement in dealing with their job issues.

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Categories: Forgiveness/Repentance Old Covenant Christian Living

David called seeking information on how to get to know Jesus in a personal way. He feels lost and struggles with unbelief. Bob explains that salvation is not a self-improvement program, it is receiving the life of Christ. We call it "first life, then change". After understanding this issue, David prays to receive the life of Christ! As you listen to David's call, if you join him in receiving the life of Christ, please email and we will send you resources to help you in your journey of grace!

Our friend, Sab, from the United Kingdom, is concerned about his family and friends who were Hindu. What happened when they died? A powerful and important question to explore. An interesting question from Jennifer - how is the wisdom of God different from the wisdom that Eve desired from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Jerry asks how the leadership of the church be chosen? Peter asks for clarification on rejecting the Holy Spirit - is it your past rejection or future rejection?

We pray you enjoy this edition of Basic Gospel weekend and that it is helpful to you in your journey of grace!

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Categories: Jesus Christ Salvation Christian Living


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Forgiveness: The Door to Life
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