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Basic Gospel Bible Reading Plans featured on YouVersion™

Because He Lives Reading Plan on YouVersion™

Because He Lives

5 Days

All of Christianity rests on this one single truth – Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. Because He lives, you can count yourself fully alive to God, no longer mastered by sin, but living through the power of grace.

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Prayer That Matters Reading Plan on YouVersion™

Prayer That Matters

6 Days

Does God hear me when I pray? Does He even care? The Word of God answers with a resounding “yes”! Learn to pray with confidence prayers that will impact you personally and the world around you. Through this reading plan, prayer will change from religious ritual to an intimate, personal, and powerful conversation between you and your heavenly Father.

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Simply Grace Reading Plan on YouVersion™

Simply Grace

7 Days

How do we know we're forgiven when we mess up? How do we receive the power for living a new life every day? How do we enjoy a deep, personal connection with God? The same way we got started - by God's grace. Find out how you can live in freedom, purpose, and joy, just as God intended. Experience the full benefits of the simple gospel, simply by grace.

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